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Singapore is a small city-state with a lot to offer. Tucked away at the southernmost end of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is one of the world’s richest countries. So much wealth contained within such a tiny area means that Singapore’s infrastructure is nothing less than pristine. The gorgeous, cutting-edge city is safe, clean, and extraordinarily easy to travel. You’ll find an exhilarating range of culinary options, from flavor-packed Southeast Asian fare to cutting-edge cuisine. The sprawling, world-famous Botanic Gardens are open from the break of dawn to the stroke of midnight, so you can unwind on a morning jog or late-night stroll. Outside of the city’s glimmering towers, you’ll discover lush rainforest teeming with wildlife and natural beauty. From high-tech marvels to botanic beauty, Singapore is a paradise for the modern age.


Singapore by Rail

Fables of the Peninsula 7 days from $7900

Take your seat for the ultimate journey into the heart of Southeast Asia aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express luxury train; Singapore to Bangkok, with stops in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Departs from October 2019 to October 2020.

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