b'Day 1 - Atlantainstruments and listen to interviews thatDay 9 - The French Quarter & Paddle Arrive in Atlanta and settle in for a day ofweave the web of country music. Steamer Cruiserelaxation. Overnight Atlanta, GA. Overnight Nashville, TN. (B) One of the most beloved areas in NewDay 2 - Atlanta Sightseeing/ Day 5 - Nashville at LeisureOrleans lies ahead this morning as we tour Chattanooga & Lookout MountainTake the day to explore Music City at yourthe renowned French Quarter, including a Incline Railwayown pace. Visit the Johnny Cash Museumstop at Caf Du Monde for beignets andToday we take a look back at some of theand Cafe, which boasts an impressive coffee. Later this afternoon, we board amost integral people in Atlantas past. Wecollection of artifacts from the Man in Blackstraditional paddle steamer for a jazz cruise start at the Martin Luther King Center andcareer. Andrew Jacksons home, the Hermitage,along the Mississippi River. Overnight New Church and continue to the Margaret is a beautiful example of Greek Revival Orleans, LA.Mitchell House to see where the authorarchitecture. Overnight Nashville, TN. (B) Day 10 - New Orleans at Leisure wrote the novel, Gone with the Wind. Later,Day 6 - Tennessee Delta Heritage CenterYour day is free to revel in the splendor of we drive to Chattanooga and board theTodays destination is Memphis. En route, New Orleans. Wander through the colorful Lookout Mountain Incline Railway for a we stop for a visit to the Tennessee Deltastreets to soak in the eclectic atmosphere journey on the worlds steepest railway Heritage Center, a series of museums and the stunning architecture that stretches track, overlooking the city below and thededicated to the history of the south. back centuries. Overnight New Orleans, LA.Tennessee River. Overnight Chattanooga, TN. Overnight Memphis, TN. (B) Day 11 - Amtraks Sunset Limited Day 3 - Jack Daniels Distillery/ Day 7 - Graceland & Sun Studioto Houston Grand Ole OpryLeaving New Orleans behind this morning, Todays drive takes us to Lynchburg, the We kick off our time in Memphis with a visitwe travel to Houston by Amtrak train. Enjoy capital of Moore County. Moore County hasto Graceland, Elvis 14-acre mansion. Viewthe changing scenes as we cross Louisiana been dry since the days of prohibition,his preserved living quarters as well as hisand enter the great state of Texas. Overnight which makes its main attraction even moreprivate aircraft. This afternoon we visit SunHouston, TX.extraordinary: Jack Daniels Distillery. WeStudio, which lays claim as the birthplace of stop for a tour and tasting before continuingrock and roll. Overnight Memphis, TN. Day 12 - NASA Space Center to Nashville. This evening, we visit the Day 8 - Amtraks City of New Orleans/ Enjoy a tour of NASAs Lyndon B. Johnson legendary Grand Ole Opry and enjoy liveOak Alley PlantationSpace Center, which has served as hub of music performed on countrys most famousWe transfer to Memphis Central Station thishuman spaceflight activity for over 50 years stage. Overnight Nashville, TN. morning to board our train, Amtraks City ofThe rest of the day is yours to continue your explorations independently. OvernightDay 4 - Nashville SightseeingNew Orleans, for the journey into Louisiana.Houston, TX. Since the 1940s, Nashville has been We take the train as far as Hammond, where synonymous with country music, thanks towe transfer by coach to Oak Alley PlantationDay 13 - Tour Conclusion its collection of recording studios on Musicfor a guided tour. This restored house standsYour tour of the South concludes thisRow. A guided tour this morning introducesas a testament to both the grand lives of morning as we transfer to Houstons airportus to this site and more! Later, we visit theLouisiana landowners and the suffering offor your return flight home.Country Music Hall of Fame to peruse thethose enslaved here. Later, we continue by vast collections of photographs and musicalcoach to New Orleans. Overnight NewOrleans, LA.For Vacations By Rails complete collection of vacations, visit www.vacationsbyrail.com or call 877-253-9891 131'