b'E X P L O R E M O R E O F1 ORIGINATION POINT 1 NIGHTS ON TRAIN BY RAIL 1 ORIGINATION POINT 1 NIGHTS IN HOTEL BY RAIL1 DESTINATION POINT 1 DESTINATION POINT 1 NIGHTS ON TRAINC A N A D A BC C A N A D ABC AB SK MB 3 AB SK ON4 ON Jasper MB12 Vancouver VIA RailsVancouver 4Prestige ClassVIA RailsU S A Canadian Toronto 1Toronto 2U S AVacations By Rail Vacations By RailTrans Canada By2021 2022 Trans Canada 2021 2022Rail Featuring Jan Feb Mar Jan Feb Mar By Rail with Jan Feb Mar Jan Feb MarApr May Jun Apr May Jun Apr May Jun Apr May JunVIA Rails Jul Aug Sep Jul Aug Sep Jasper Jul Aug Sep Jul Aug SepOct Nov Dec Oct Nov Dec Oct Nov Dec Oct Nov DecPrestige Class INDEPENDENT INDEPENDENTFrom: $2,417 10 days | 12 mealsFrom: $5,647 Depart: Vancouver; return: Toronto 9 days | 12 mealsDepart: Vancouver; return: TorontoTen days, five provinces, two cities and all the incredible scenery you desire join to make this cross-Canada trip On this transcontinental trip from outdoorsy Vancouver aboard VIA Rails Canadian memorable. The itinerary to cosmopolitan Toronto, enjoy the elegance andis bookended by time in Vancouver and Toronto, and comfort of VIA Rails Prestige Class on the belovedin between the chance to explore Jasper National Park Canadian. Begin with sightseeing in Vancouver beforeboth independently and with a guided tour.boarding your train and soaking in beautiful views of the Canadian wilderness. On arrival in Toronto, a cityHIGHLIGHTS: Overnight rail travel on VIA Rails Canadian | Admission tour closes the journey. to the Vancouver Lookout | Jasper National Park sightseeingexcursion, including Maligne Canyon and Medicine LakeHIGHLIGHTS: Cross-country rail travel on VIA Rails Canadian |Prestige Class amenities while on the train, including a spacious cabin with a leather couch and personal concierge service | City tours in Vancouver and Toronto'