b'AustrianChristmas &Italian New Year2021 Dates & PricesDecember 22From. $4,195Prices are per person based on double occupancy InnsbruckHighlights From the Austrian Alps to the shores of Lake Two scenic rail journeys, including the I T I N E R A R Y Garda, yuletide cheer and breathtaking views abound on this holiday time tour Zillertalbahn AT A G L A N C E through Central Europe. Your time is split Explore the historic cities of Innsbruck, between two picturesque destinations, Verona and Venice on guided tours Innsbruck, Austria, and Desenzano, Italy.Tour a local vineyard in Franciacorta, Day 1 - London to Cologne by Trainincluding tastings of several vintages Arrive in Innsbruck ahead of ChristmasTrains Day 2 - Cologne to Innsbruck by Train Eve, and enjoy a guided walking tour of the Eurostar Day 3 - Christmas Eve Sightseeingcity and free time to soak in the festiveambiance of the Christmas Markets and Stubai Valley Tramin Innsbruck decorated squares. Christmas Eve is celebrated with a traditional dinner, andZillertalbahn Day 4 - Christmas Day on the on Christmas Day, set out into the alpine Hotels Stubaitalbahn landscape aboard the Stubaitalbahn. Our Maritim Cologne, Cologne, Germany Day 5 - At Leisure in Innsbruck time in Innsbruck also brings a scenicrail journey to Mayrhofen aboard theHotel Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria Day 6 - The Zillertalbahn Zillertalbahn. Hotel Desenzano, Verona, ItalyDay 7 - Verona & Desenzano As the new year approaches, we travelto Italy, first stopping in Verona, thenDay 8 - Venice Sightseeing proceeding to Desenzano. This resort town NH Torino Centro, Turin, Italy boasts traditional Venetian architecture Day 9 - Franciacorta Wine Region and impressive views over Italys largest Inclusions Day 10 - New Years Eve in Sirmione lake. Desenzano boasts an ideal location Rail travel on the high-speed Eurostar and in Northern Italy with excellent proximity Day 11 - New Years Day at Leisureto many exciting destinations. Enjoy a day local rail networks in Desenzano trip to the floating city of Venice and a wine Hotel accommodations for 12 nights tasting in the Franciacorta wine region. 23 meals, including a special Christmas Day 12 - TurinVenture to Sirmione, a pretty destination Eve dinner situated on a jutting peninsula on Lake Day 13 - Tour Conclusion Garda, on New Years Eve and find yourself surrounded by elegant architecture and immense culture during our stop in Turin. A journey filled with indulgence and cheer, this vacation is the perfect conclusion to your year.For Vacations By Rails complete collection of vacations, visit www.vacationsbyrail.com or call 877-253-9891 181'