b"VIA Rail Canada Train IndexTrainsOcean Corridor ServiceCanadian This overnight train offers stunning views ofCorridor Service trains travel betweenThis classic 1950s Streamliner train followsEastern Canada as it makes the journey Qubec City and Windsor, with 11 total routes. VIA Rails signature route between Torontobetween Montral and Halifax. While aboardTravelers have the choice of Economy orand Vancouver. During the 4-night journey,the Ocean, guests can enjoy such amenitiesBusiness Class. Both classes includethe train traverses the plains, river valleys andas regional cuisine in the Dining Car, free comfortable seating and large windows,Canadian Rockies. Travelers can admire theWi-Fi, wine tastings and beautiful views fromhowever, Business Class passengers enjoychanging scenery from the Park Car and the domed sightseeing car.priority seating, a meal and beveragesthe Skyline Dome Car or from their included in the price of their ticket. accommodations picture window. Dining on the TrainLunch: Maple Dijon chicken Sample Menu on VIA Rail's Canadian:Shrimp and Scallops Navy bean curry with baby kale on quinoaBreakfast:Mediterranean Couscous salad on greens Dessert: Waffle with berry compote Bison burger on wild rice bunRed velvet cake Vegan Scramble Dinner:White chocolate and raspberry Chefs omeletVeal chop with Cajun demi-glaze brul cheesecake Transcontinental breakfast Halibut with fruit salsaGluten free cakeSleeping on the Train Choose the accommodation level that best suits your travel preferences.Prestige Class is only availableCabin for two accommodationsCabin for one is a private Upper and lower berthson the Canadian long-distanceare private bedrooms and includecozy cabin that includes a are semi-private sleepingroute. Prestige Class cabinstwo folding chairs or a sofa by daysofa chair by day. Night-time accommodations for oneoffer large bedrooms with that convert to upper and lowerconfiguration allows for a bedperson. Daytime configuration a double Murphy bed, a berths at night. An en suite that pulls out from the wall.features a couch-style seat facing flat-screen TV, a fully stockedbathroom is included. Shower (Dimensions: 65 x 37) another seat. At night, the seat mini bar, a modular sofa and anfacilities are located within the railconverts into a bed. There are en suite bathroom with a toilet,car. (Dimensions: Ranging from heavy curtains that can be pulled shower, and sink. Travelers are65 x 45 to 73 x 5) for privacy. Public washroomstreated to unlimited beverages,and shower facilities are available personal concierge service andwithin the train car.first choice meal service.(Dimensions 105 x 611)200 For Vacations By Rails complete collection of vacations, visit www.vacationsbyrail.com or call 877-253-9891"