b'suitcases on independent vacations. Will I have internet access and What facilities will my hotel have?Luggage should not exceed 50 pounds or mobile phone reception during Our hotels are carefully selected to providehave outside linear dimensions of more than my train journey? good value for money, high quality service75 inches in the USA and 62 inches in Internet access is not available on manyand comfortable rooms, all in convenientCanada. Travelers may also bring a carry-on trains. Cell phone reception may not be locations with amenities close at hand.bag not to exceed 50 pounds in the USA and reliable, especially along the more rural orHotel accommodations are equipped with25 pounds in Canada. Purses, camera bags, remote portions of your route. a private bathroom, telephone and colorlaptop bags and other small items are not television. Many hotels also offer hairdryers, part of the carry-on parameters and are What if I have special minibars, safes, tea and coffee makingwelcome in personally manageable accommodations, dietary or general facilities. Full details about the facilitiesquantities. You will not have access to your assistance needs? available at all of our hotels will be forwardedchecked bags during the train journey, so Special requests regarding sleeping to you with your vacation documentation. you will want to pack a change of clothes, accommodations, meals and onboardtoiletries, medications, and other items you assistance should be made at the time of Do you recommend pre- orneed in your carry-on bag. For internationalbooking or shortly thereafter. The sooner post-night hotels?itineraries, we suggest the following Vacations By Rail is aware of these special We do! Because of the chance of flight delays, dimensions as ideal: 24 x 15 x 9, weighingrequests, the better the chance that we can cancellations, and missed connections at the about 34 pounds. confirm them. However, special requests start of the trip and potential train delays at are not guaranteed at the time of booking. the conclusion, pre- and post-night hotel Is porterage included? Do youPlease notify Vacations By Rail well in stays ensure a restful and hassle-freehave packing tips? advance if you plan to bring oxygen or beginning and end to your trip.Luggage transfer is included on many of other equipment for your medical use orour escorted tours, ensuring your suitcase if you will be traveling with a wheelchair How many people go on oneis transferred from hotel to hotel for or motorized vehicle. It is important to of your tours?you while on tour. For those itineraries note that many of our tours, especially those The maximum number varies from tourwhere porterage is not included and onvisiting national parks, stay in historic to tour, but it is usually between 20 to 45independent vacations, you are responsiblelodging. Due to the historic nature of these people. for transporting your own suitcase. With thatproperties, facilities are not equipped with What are excursions like?in mind, we suggest if you are traveling withelevators or ramps and may not be Excursions are included in the price ofa companion, take a smaller suitcase eachaccessible to travelers with mobility your vacation. They are designed to give arather than a larger one between you. It ischallenges. balance of cultural, historical and socialeasier to find space on a luggage rack for two small cases than one large one. Are gratuities included? interest and to give you insight into theSuitcases with wheels are very useful. MostGenerally, on escorted tours gratuities for areas we visit. In Europe especially, we try to hotels have irons available, so dont worryincluded meals and luggage handling at use trains for excursions, however we some-about clothes being folded a few times. Ifall hotels are included. Tips for luggage times utilize motorcoaches or boats to get to you intend to purchase souvenirs, be sure tohandling, train sleeping car attendants, maidplaces of interest. Where motorcoaches are leave space in your suitcase for them.service, your tour manager, coach driver,used, these are of high quality and aim to step-on guides and any other meals andkeep driving journeys to a maximum of two Are there outlets onboard the train? drinks not included as part of your tour arehours between stops. On most excursions, Standard 110-volt electrical outlets are not included in the tour price. Tipping is atin addition to your Tour Manager, we are available in train cabins in the United States your discretion, and recommendations willaccompanied by a local guide to impactand Canada. There is a limited number of be made in your final documents. For specialist knowledge of the sights being power outlets within Coach Class seating. independent vacations, gratuities are not visited. Some excursions are to off-the- If you are seated in Coach, we suggest included for meals or luggage handling. beaten-track destinations that simply would planning ahead and arriving with fully Guidelines for tipping will be included in not be stumbled upon without this local charged personal electronics. your final documents.knowledge.'