b'YOUR AGREEMENT WITHVACATIONS BY RAILBy making a payment to VBR Tours, LLC dba Vacations By Rail (VBR, we, or Us) or participating in a trip that wearrange (the Tour), you agree to these terms and conditions. Thank you for selecting VBR as your tour operator for your trip. To ensure you understand the terms and conditions,please read the following.It is important that you understand these terms as they form a contract between you and VBR. 1. DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT POLICY following products, and will be 6. TRAVEL INSURANCE incurred for cancellation, booking, or A non-refundable deposit of $500 confirmed at the time of booking: We strongly recommend that youtermination of the vacation.per person is required to confirm a Rocky Mountaineer & Haida Gwaii purchase a travel protection plan toCancellation penalties as applicable to reservation; itineraries including cover all non-refundable trip your vacation shall apply.Rocky Mountaineer require aArctic Circle Explorer & Kantishna expenses, trip delay and interruptionNot all sightseeing stops/sites,non-refundable deposit of $750 per Alaska Wildlife Adventure with return transportation and a transportation, hotels, lodges and person. Full payment is due 90 daysmedical evacuation policy. Travel other components of your vacation prior to travel.Aurora Viewing at Bettles Lodge insurance is available throughare accessible for people with special VBR will accept the following credit Highlights of Kenai Fjords & Denali third-party travel insurance companies,needs or are required to comply cards: Visa, MasterCard, AmericanBackcountry Delights and limits vary by insurer and policywith the Americans With Disabilities Express, and Discover. You may wishpurchased. Insurance will cover mostAct (ADA), and some locations and to notify your bank when making River Cruises containing the losses, but coverage may vary. Nosightseeing activities require extensive large payments to inform them ofAmerican Queen representation or description of thestanding, sitting, climbing stairs, or the amount to be charged on yourOther vacations fully operated byinsurance made by our staff walkingsometimes on unpaved card. Debit cards may also have a dailya third party and privately ownedconstitutes a binding assurance oror cobblestone streets. VBR will not limit; please contact your debit cardtrains may have varying depositpromise about the insurance.refund or cover any cost or expense provider. requirements, cancellation fees and7. SAFETY incurred for any missed activities Vacations By Rail will also acceptterms and conditions which will beVacations By Rail will not have liabilitydue to a participants inability to fully checks. Check payments should beconfirmed at time of reservation orregarding provision of medical care orparticipate with the group. The ADA made payable to Vacations By Railare available in advance by callingthe adequacy of any care that may beis only applicable within the United and mailed to Vacations By Rail, 309Vacations By Rail at 1-877-929-7245. rendered. You agree that you will holdStates, and facilities for disabledW Washington Street, Suite 1100, In addition to the cancellation fees inVBR harmless regarding any provisionindividuals are limited outside its Chicago, IL 60606. (Note: There is aSection 2, if you are a no-show, youof medical care or the adequacy ofborders. Most transportation services, $50 service charge for NSF checks.will incur a cancellation fee equal toany care rendered.including the touring motorcoaches, Money order or cashiers check is100% cancellation fee.If a flight, rail,No weapons of any type are permittedare not equipped with wheelchair preferred) or other delay for any reason preventson VBR vacations at any time. Thisramps. Reservations made within 21 daysyou from joining the Tour on the Tourincludes, but is not limited to, firearms,9. MEDICAL PROXYof departure require a credit card,start date, you will be considered a knives, mace, brass knuckles, andIf you are unable to authorize your money order, or certified check. Weno-show, and we cannot provide a fullother weapons of any type. own medical attention and treatment, highly recommend that paymentsor partial refund or credit toward a8. TRAVELERS WHO NEED SPECIALyou authorize us or our subcontractors for any booking made within 21 daysfuture Tour, but you may join the TourASSISTANCE ON TOUR or agents to authorize medicalof departure be sent Express Mail tolate if you wish. Supplier cancellationAt time of reservation, you mustattention and treatment on yourthe above address. Your reservationfees may be assessed in addition toreport to VBR any special needs whilebehalf. You agree to hold harmless will not be confirmed until paymentthe change/cancel fees stated above.on tour. VBR will make reasonableand release us or them from anyis received.If any portion of your trip has beenattempts to accommodate specialliability for medical attentionpaid with a voucher from either VBRneeds and disabilities, but is notauthorized by us or them on your 2. CANCELLATION FEES or a supplier, and a trip is cancelled, noresponsible in the event it is unable tobehalf. We assume no liabilityOnce confirmed, your deposit isrefund in cash will be returned in lieudo so nor responsible for any denialregarding provision of medical care or non-refundable. of the voucher. The voucher or Futureof services by rail carriers, air carriers,evacuation services. Any of our staff or If you choose to cancel, we mustTravel Credit (FTC) will be held by VBRhotels, restaurants, or other subcontractors who may provide or receive written notice of said until the original expiration date ofindependent suppliers. VBR doesseek emergency medical care on your cancellation either via certified mail,the FTC. not provide personal services (suchbehalf may not have had formalovernight courier, or e-mail sent toas pushing a wheelchair, assistingmedical or first aid training and are rail specialist (with a confirmation of3. CHANGE FEES with walking, moving or assemblingacting only as a Good Samaritan.receipt from us). The following Date changes to existing reservationsmobility equipment etc.) and VBR10. POSTPONEMENT, CANCELLATION cancellation and supplier fees apply: following full payment are considereddoes not provide individual assistanceOR TOUR INTERRUPTIONa cancellation and rebooking. to a vacation participant for walking,We reserve the right to cancel or8961 days prior to departure: 25% ofName changes are not permitted. Adining, getting on and off coaches,postpone the Tour for reasons beyond the package price plus supplier fees name change is considered a trains, cruise ships, and other vehicles,our control including any event 6046 days prior to departure: 50% ofcancellation and rebooking. or other personal needs. A qualifiednamed in the Risks of Travel section the package price plus supplier fees A fee of $50 per person plus any and physically able companion shouldbelow. You may transfer your booking 45day of departure: 100% supplier fees and price increases willaccompany travelers who need suchto a later date or we will provide you non-refundable be charged for all other changes. Inassistance. with a future travel credit (FTC), for some cases, supplier fees may beIn the event you fail to notify VBR atsome or all monies you paid to us, 100% cancellation fee for no shows or100% of the services provided. the time of the reservation of any toward a future Tour arranged by us if cancellation is made after travel isspecial needs or disabilities requiring during the 18-month period after we scheduled to begin 4. PRICE GUARANTEE special attention, VBR reserves thenotify you of the postponement or No refund for unused portions of theVBR recommends that you pay in fullright to cancel your booking orcancellation. trip. at the time of booking. Once full terminate your vacation in its soleIf you choose to transfer your booking, payment is received, your purchasediscretion, if your special needs orthe new Tour will be subject to the Supplier cancellation fees may beprice is guaranteed. disabilities are not suitable for theterms and conditions of thisassessed in addition to the change/ 5. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS vacation, pose a threat to the healthagreement. Except as set forth in the cancel fees stated above. Travel documents are sent to you orand safety of other participants or VBRforegoing paragraph we will not be your Travel Agent approximately 14staff, or if you are not traveling withliable for any other costs, damages, or Other Vacation Cancellation Fees days prior to your departure, provideda companion who provides all therefunds of any kind for any loss, delay, Deposits and cancellation fees willyour reservation is paid in full. assistance you require. VBR will notinconvenience, disappointment, or vary on packages including the refund or cover any costs or expensesexpense whatsoever. 208 For Vacations By Rails complete collection of vacations, visit www.vacationsbyrail.com or call 877-253-9891'