b'If, for reasons beyond our controlfeature, VBR reserves the right toBE LIABLE TO YOU OR OTHER THIRD including any event named in thecancel your reservation and provide aPARTY FOR ANY INDIRECT,Risks of Travel section below, a Tour inrefund for your reservation, includingINCIDENTAL, SPECIAL ORprogress must be interrupted or after your reservation is confirmed. CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES,cancelled, we will, at our sole 14. INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT discretion, provide you either an FTC(Passports, Visas and Identification) VBR TOURS, LLC WAS ADVISED OF or refund in the amount of the refundYou assume full and complete THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCHwe receive from our suppliers. responsibility for checking andDAMAGES, ARISING OUT OF OUR 11. ITINERARY CHANGES verifying any and all passport, visa,SERVICES OR THE VACATIONS. We will make commercially vaccination, or other entry FURTHERMORE, IN NO EVENT SHALL reasonable efforts to keep the itineraryrequirements of your destinationOUR LIABILITY WITH RESPECT TO as it has been published; however,and your connecting points, and allANY VACATION EXCEED THE FEES the final itinerary may vary due toconditions regarding health, safety,PAID BY YOU TO VBR TOURS, LLC Supplier schedules, availability, andsecurity, political stability, and labor orFOR SUCH VACATION. THESEfactors beyond our control. We may incivil unrest at such destination. ManyDISCLAIMERS OF TYPES OFour sole discretion substitute servicescountries require your passport to beDAMAGES AND LIMITATIONS OF of similar quality for any service statedvalid for six months or more after yourLIABILITY APPLY TO ANY DAMAGES in the itinerary. date of entry. Some countries will notOR INJURY, WHETHER FOR BREACH admit persons convicted of a crime.OF CONTRACT, TORTIOUS BEHAVIOR, 12. TRIP DELAY Some countries require both parentsNEGLIGENCE, PRODUCT LIABILITY Train travel, as well as other forms ofconsent for minors to travel. OR UNDER ANY OTHER CAUSE OF transportation, is subject to delaysACTION. BECAUSE SOME STATES DO and service disruptions.VBR is not15. AGENT FOR SUPPLIERS NOT ALLOW SOME OR ALL OF THESE responsible in whole or in part for anyWe act as a sales agent for any airline,DISCLAIMERS AND LIMITATIONS, THE delays, delayed departures or arrivalshotel, car-rental company, tour ABOVE DISCLAIMERS ANDor missed carrier connections or foroperator, cruise line, bus operator, LIMITATIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO the loss of any purchased servicesrailroads, or other service providerYOU. IN SUCH STATES, DAMAGES that cannot be used as the result ofnamed in your itinerary or SHALL BE DISCLAIMED AND LIMITED delays or service disruptions. VBRconfirmation (Suppliers). We are notTO THE GREATEST EXTENTstrongly encourages purchasing travelresponsible for the acts or omissionsPERMITTED BY SUCH STATE LAW.insurance against trip delay and tripof the Suppliers or their failure to VBR TOURS, LLC MAKES NO IMPLIED interruption. adhere to their own schedules,OR EXPRESS WARRANTIES IN THE 13. PRICES AND ADDITIONAL provide services or refunds, financialOFFERING OF ANY VACATIONINFORMATION default, or failure to honor future tripDESCRIBED.Prices are subject to change withoutcredits. We have no special knowledge notice, and all reservations are basedregarding the financial condition of18. CREDIT CARD MERCHANTon availability. Prices listed are quotedthe Suppliers. We have no responsibil- We are the merchant on your credit in U.S. dollars, per person.ity for car accidents caused by you orcard transaction. Please bear in mind any other person or entity. that our services consist of facilitating Holiday, peak travel periods and 16. RISKS OF TRAVEL AND RELEASE the sale and paying the Suppliers. If a bookings less than 30 days prior to We assume no responsibility forSupplier does not provide the service departure, may require a surchargeand shall not be liable for the acts oror ceases operations, your recourse is and may be subject to special omissions on the part of any otheragainst the Supplier, not us. You agree payment and cancellation conditions. party not under our control or any actsnot to initiate a chargeback against us Advertised promotions are not of God, unsafe conditions, terrorism,or a refund request that is notretroactive to existing bookings. health hazards including pandemics,authorized by this agreement and illness, weather hazards, or to pay any and all legal fees incurred National Park Fees for independentcontraction of or exposure to an by us in disputing any such claim for travel are not included in the cost ofinfectious disease, bacteria or virus refund.the reservation. They are your including COVID-19. We have no 19. CLAIMS DEADLINE, GOVERNING responsibility and are purchased atspecial knowledge of dangers duringLAW, AND EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTIONthe applicable National Park. travel or at destinations. For You agree to present any claims Transportation services do restrictinformation related to such dangers,against us within 30 days after your the size of baggage along with thewe recommend going to the StateTour ends and to file suit within one weight.Information on baggage isDepartment travel website at year of the incident, and youavailable upon request from www.travel.state.gov, click on Findacknowledge that this expressly limits Vacations By Rail. You are responsibleInternational travel Information thenthe applicable statute of limitations to for complying with transportationclick on Country Information, and fillone year. This agreement is governed service baggage restrictions. in the name of the destination by the internal substantive laws of the Tour prices do not include gratuities,country. For medical and health State of Illinois, without regard to its baggage handling, excess baggageinformation, we recommend going toconflict of laws provisions. You agree charges, fuel surcharges, items of athe Centers for Disease Control that the courts in Chicago, Illinois personal nature, items not specifiedwebsite at www.cdc.gov/travel, thenwill be the exclusive jurisdiction for as included in the itinerary click on Destinations and scroll toall claims brought by you or us, and description, and all other inciden- the name of the destination country. you hereby submit to the personal tal charges.Where rental cars areYOU HEREBY EXPRESSLY ASSUMEjurisdiction of those courts.available, the rental does not includeALL OF THESE RISKS AND DANGERS, 20. SELLER OF TRAVEL LAWSstate and local taxes, airport fees,AND YOU HEREBY EXPRESSLYCalifornia Seller of Travel2108470. loss damage waiver (LDW) and otherAGREE TO FOREVER RELEASE, Florida Seller of Travel ST40974, insurance, gasoline and surchargesDISCHARGE AND HOLD US, ANDpowered by Great Rail Journeys North for drivers under the age of 25 (whereOUR AGENTS, EMPLOYEES, OFFICERS,America, LLC.applicable).Additional fees may applyDIRECTORS, ASSOCIATES,for one-way car rentals and are paidAFFILIATED COMPANIES, GUIDES,locally. GROUP LEADERS, ANDSUBCONTRACTORS HARMLESS All amenities shown for a particularAGAINST ANY AND ALL LIABILITY, hotel property may not be availableACTIONS,CAUSESOFACTIONS, in every room category. Special roomSUITS, CLAIMS, AND DEMANDS OF requests, including bedding requests,ANY AND EVERY KIND AND NATURE will be communicated to the WHATSOEVER WHICH YOU NOW applicable party but cannot be HAVE OR WHICH MAY HEREAFTER guaranteed. ARISE OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION VBR reserves the right, at any time, toWITH THE TOUR OR PARTICIPATION substitute comparable alternate IN ANY ACTIVITIES IN WHICH YOU accommodations and the rightPARTICIPATE.to pass along any additional costs17. LIMITATION OF LIABILITYcharged by our suppliers. NEITHER VBR TOURS, LLC NOR ANY In the event of a technical or clericalOF OUR EMPLOYEES, AGENTS,error in a published price, service orSUCCESSORS, ASSIGNS,SUBSIDIARIES OR AFFILIATES SHALL For Vacations By Rails complete collection of vacations, visit www.vacationsbyrail.com or call 877-253-9891 209'