b'Day 1 - RomeAlternatively, taste your way through RomeVespa tour through Florence and the Arrive in Rome today and transfer to yourwith an Espresso and Gelato Walking Tour.Chianti countryside; or drive a vintage Fiat hotel. Begin your explorations or dine in oneOvernight Rome. (B) 500 through Chianti. You may also choose a of the local eateries. Overnight Rome. Day 5 - Florencehands-on Tuscan cooking class. Overnight Day 2 - Tour of Ancient RomeSoak in the beauty of Rome for a few moreFlorence. (B)Take the morning at leisure in Rome. hours ahead of your private transfer toDay 8 - Venice Perhaps visit the Pantheon or Trevi Fountain,Romes train station. Your train today makesAfter a morning of relaxation, enjoy a private trek up the 135 Spanish Steps or watch a 2-hour journey to Florence. Upon arrival,transfer to Florences train station. Todays the street performers in Piazza Navona. enjoy a private transfer to your hotel androute is a 2-hour journey toward theWonderful cafs and pizzerias dot the city.an afternoon to acquaint yourself with thisAdriatic Sea, bound for beautiful Venice. This afternoon, enjoy an expert-led guidedunique city, its varied architecture and itsBegin your discoveries after your private tour of ancient Rome, including the Romanvibrant art scene. Overnight Florence. (B) transfer to your hotel, seeking out the Grand Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum,Day 6 - Florence City TourCanal, the Bridge of Sighs, the Rialto Bridge where you enjoy skip-the-line entrance and aTodays guided walking tour starts at theand St. Marks Square as you explore.tour of the arena floor, underground and theCentral market zone. Visit the Medici ChapelsOvernight Venice. (B)third level. Overnight Rome. (B) and Basilica of San Lorenzo, the church ofDay 9 - Venice at Leisure Day 3 - Tastes of Romethe Medici family. At the Piazza del Duomo,Sightsee through Venice independently Enjoy a mid-morning walking tour to you can admire the Cathedral and its dometoday. St. Marks Basilica and Piazza Sanmarkets, groceries and gelaterias with by Brunelleschi, the bell-tower by Giotto andMarco are must-sees, as are Doges Palace, tastings in the different locations as youSaint John Baptistery with its Paradise Door.the Museum of Glass and the Ca Pesaro learn about Italian food traditions. StrollWalking along the Arno River you will reachInternational Gallery of Modern Art.through Romes enchanting squares andthe Ponte Vecchio, the famous jewels bridge.Alternatively, embark on an optionalneighborhoods while tasting your wayThen we proceed to the picturesque Mercatoexcursion: a comprehensive walking tour through some of the citys best offeringsdella Paglia or Straw Market, where you willthrough Venices beloved sites; a Cicchettisuch as mortadella, suppli, fried artichokes.see the famous Fontana del Porcellino, Littleand Wine walking tour that highlights and gelato.The rest of the day is at leisure Wild Boar Fountain. Not too far away, therethe regions gastronomic delights; or the in Rome. Overnight Rome. (B) is the elegant Piazza della Signoria, a greatMurano, Burano and Torcello tour, which open-air sculpture museum dominated bycombines cruising with exciting excursions. Day 4 - Rome at Leisurethe imposing Palazzo Vecchio. We stroll pastThis evening, cruise through Venice on a You are free to discover Rome at leisurethe Ufizi Gallery before crossing the bridgetraditional gondola. During the 30-minute today. Perhaps visit one of the local to Pitti Palace where our tour ends. The restride, savor the sights and scents of the city museums, such as Capitoline Museums orof the day is yours in Florence. Overnightwhile your guide serenades you in Italian. the Galleria Borghese. For a more structuredFlorence. (B) Overnight Venice. (B)day, embark on an optional tour, perhaps to Positano and the Amalfi Coast by high- Day 7 - Florence at LeisureDay 10 - Venice speed train. You may also choose a guidedContinue your sightseeing independently inYour Italian adventure concludes aftertour to the Vatican Museums, the SistineFlorence today, or embark on an optionalbreakfast with a transfer to VenicesChapel and St. Peters Basilica, as well as tour. Venture to Cinque Terre and spend theinternational airport. (B)no-wait entrance to the Vatican. day in the Italian Riviera; take a guidedFor Vacations By Rails complete collection of vacations, visit www.vacationsbyrail.com or call 877-253-9891 35'