b'European River CruisingThese small ship adventures featuredistinctive and memorable inclusions thatmake every itinerary a delight.Excellent Onboard ExperiencesEach modern ship offers the utmost in comfort and style,from the spacious cabins to inviting common areas from whichto admire the passing scenery and meet fellow travelers.Epicurean Delights Taste your way through Europe as you sail through someof Europes finest gastronomic destinations. From dawnuntil dusk, skillful staff serve up locally-inspired dishesprepared by some of the finest ship chefs in Europe. Flexible Excursions Experience the best of every destination with inclusiveexcursions at each port of call and exclusive onboard events.Belgian & DutchWaterwaysRiverRhineRiver Loire RiverSeineDordogne RiverRiver DanubeRiverRhneRiver Douro'