b'D I S C O V E R M O R E G L A C I E R1 ORIGINATION POINT 1 NIGHTS ON TRAIN BY RAIL America Coast 2021 20221 DESTINATION POINT 1 NIGHTS IN HOTEL to Coast with Jan Feb Mar Jan Feb MarApr May Jun Apr May JunSeattle GlacierC A N A D A Glacier National Jul Aug Sep Jul Aug SepOct Nov Dec Oct Nov Dec2 National Park ParkOR 5MT ND 1 INDEPENDENT 2 Amtraks NYID Amtraks MN WI Lake Shore Limited 2Empire Builder From: $3,610 2 New York Chicago OH PA City 15 days | Depart: Seattle; return: New York City U S A IL IN From the West Coast to the East, this rail vacation is a showcase of the varied beauty of the Northern United States. Your time is split between three lively cities,Seattle, Chicago and New York City, with a break inthe wilderness at Glacier National Park. BetweenVacations By Rail destinations, enjoy travel on two legendary Amtrak trains: the Empire Builder and the Lake Shore Limited.HIGHLIGHTS: City tours in Seattle, Chicago and New York City | Three-night stay at the historic Glacier Park Lodge | Cruise on St. Marys Lake | Tour of Glacier National Park aboard vintage RedJammer buses'