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How active will I be on my escorted tour?

3 June 2020

As you plan your next vacation, you may find yourself asking, "How active will I be on my escorted tour?"

The pace of an escorted vacation and its level of physical activity varies by the itinerary and tour type. While some tours are relaxed and leisurely, others may require extensive walking, climbing stairs and hills, stepping on and off trains or motorcoaches, uneven terrain and cobblestone streets. Many of Vacations By Rail's escorted tours, regardless of activity level, travel in higher altitudes, visit historic trains and sites, as well as National Parks. Reference this activity meter to understand the level of activity on a given tour.

Activity Level 1: Relaxed

Activity Meter 1

The word "leisurely" is music to your ears, and you prefer not to break a sweat. Physical activity includes boarding a train, walking around the train and sightseeing from a motorcoach.

Activity Level 2: Light and Easy

Activity Meter 2

You enjoy a perfect harmony between light and no activity. You're okay with some walking and don't mind strolls through cities or being on your feet for a few hours, perhaps on uneven pavement or cobblestones.

Activity Level 3: Natural Explorer

Activity Meter 3

You don't mind spending the day on your feet. You enjoy sightseeing that includes walking, standing or stair climbing. You're okay with longer days that are more active, such as multiple sightseeing stops, longer motorcoach journeys and getting on and off ships and trains.

Activity Level 4: Keep it Going

Activity Meter 4

Less sitting, more walking. You don't mind longer days of physical activity and sightseeing with some activities that go into the evening. Some rest periods are nice but only when necessary.

Activity Level 5: On the Move

Activity Meter 5

You're nonstop and always on the go! You'd prefer the majority of your trip on your feet no matter the location. Itineraries with this activity level may include low impact hikes, lengthy walks, uneven terrain and possibly some soft adventure.