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Glacier National Park
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Lodges of Glacier National Park
4 stars
“First, the best part is seeing the vastness of America, the small towns and enduring need for rail service in this country. The Lodges are stunning and Glacier Park a great place for families to visit if you enjoy the outdoors. The meals served in the park Lodges were good and everyone there is trying very hard to provide services in a wilderness. The issues are with the train and yet I would STILL recommend taking the train. First the train left Chicago THREE HOURS late. The sleeper car is serviced well and the attendants work hard to please but they cannot do anything about the age of the cars. The restaurant was a surprise in how good and freshly made they were. The service in the dining car was excellent. The PA system is a problem in that you cannot hear it most of the time when announcing seating for dinner etc. PROBLEM: We were told as we boarded our train to Settle from Whitefish, that our sleeper car was not available because of a plumbing issue and they could not provide another. The best they could do was a roommette. We were upset but the attendant and people on the train tried very hard to let us know they were telling their bosses about the problem. The toilet facilities on that car that were for the roomettes was kept immaculate (in HUGE contrast to the east coast rail bathrooms). Only issue with the Lodges:The Lodges were wonderful, though bedrooms were "primitive" in no AC, sink in room, etc.East Glacier rooms need some touching up more than the other two. McDonald seemed to have the most updated rooms and despite no AC, the fan and an open window kept us very comfortable. This was my second time doing this trip and I highly recommend it IF you are NOT looking for 1st class accomodations but a GREAT way to see and better understand why our forefathers were so wise in making sure the less populated states had equal representation in the Senate. You will also begin to appreciate the issue for the Indian tribes, especially the Blackfeet, as you roll thru this vastness.
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