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2020-05-04 16:45:26

During this complex time, Vacations By Rail wants to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe. In addition to staying up to date with the world around us, here are some health and wellness tips that you can use every day to make sure you stay protected.   

1. Stay at home and avoid large gatherings of 10 or more people. In situations where you do go out, practice social distancing of about six feet from others.

2. Wash your hands often, especially after being in public, and after coughing or sneezing. Utilize hand sanitizer when soap and water are unavailable. Avoid handshaking and use noncontact methods of greeting instead.  

3. If you or someone in your household are experiencing symptoms, avoid contact with others. If you are feeling sick, only leave to seek medical care.  

4. Clean and disinfect touched surfaces daily; this includes doorknobs, countertops, desks, computers, phones, and faucets.   

5. Reconsider long-distance travel and overcrowding. Reschedule upcoming trips until it becomes safe to travel.  

6. Engage in new activities to keep your mind busy. Social distancing can be tough, especially when it interferes with daily routines and lifestyles. Start your spring cleaning, begin a new hobby, or perfect one you already love. Perhaps s Start planning your next trip when it becomes safe to travel! Keeping your mind busy will help reduce the stress and anxiety that may arise.  


7. Check on your family and friends. While it’s best to distance ourselves, we should not become isolated. Send an e-mail or text, or call a loved one to check in how they’re doing. A simple conversation can make a world of difference.  

8. Take care of your body and mind. Take breaks from work, eat a balanced meal, exercise regularly, and create a daily routine.  


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