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Travel Requirements & Recommendations

Waiver of Liability

All travelers are required to self-certify that they are healthy and fit to travel. Escorted tour participants must complete and sign our waiver of liability prior to joining the tour. By signing this waiver, you acknowledge your decision to travel is voluntary, assume personal responsibility for your own health, and agree to help protect the well-being of others including your fellow travelers, VBR staff and our partners and suppliers. You can view or download our waiver here.


Travel Insurance

Vacations By Rail strongly recommends that all travelers purchase a travel protection plan to cover all non-refundable trip expenses, trip delays and interruption with return transportation and a medical evacuation policy.  If you would like more information or to request a quote, please contact a Rail Specialist prior to submitting final payment.


Travel Requirements & Restrictions

Please note that it is your responsibility to understand the requirements specific to your travel destination(s) as well as to your home state.  We have provided links to some important travel resources below, which will provide guidance on current protocols and travel restrictions.  


Reliable travel information can also be found on official government, state and/or tourism board websites.  We recommend that you check the sites for your specific destination(s) - don't forget to check your own state's requirements for your return from your trip. 


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