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Vietnam lives at the cross section of the familiar and the exotic. A common name in textbooks and news programs, the real Vietnam remains a mystery for most people. Its rapidly modernizing cities are separated by miles of lush, dramatic countryside, where traditional Vietnamese villages carry on much as they did a century ago. In the famous floating markets, you’ll find encounter total sensory bliss as you sample fresh fruits and local delicacies. At the unspoiled natural wonder of Ha Long Bay, you’ll discover a sublime seascape of towering limestone islets. Wander through pagoda-lined streets and along the banks Red River in Hanoi, a gorgeous city whose thriving culture is always in the process of reinvention.


Vietnam by Rail

Grand Tour of Vietnam & Cambodia 16 days from $2975

Discover the contrasts of Southeast Asia on this grand tour, which presents both the tropical and cultural sides of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Departs from February 2020 to December 2020.

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