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Rhone River Cruises

Picture a single course that connects the majestic mountain ranges of the north with the Mediterranean Sea. Think of a waterway so culturally significant that it broadens not only visitors’ travels but also their minds. Welcome to the Rhône River, one of the most important bodies of water in all of Europe. This river originates in the Swiss Alps, where it is fed by the Rhône Glacier, and follows a sinuous journey through Switzerland and France to the gulf of the Mediterranean.

During its 500-mile course, the Rhône River passes through incredible cities, including Sion, Lausanne and Geneva in Switzerland and Lyon, Avignon and Arles in France. Breathtaking panoramas of the Swiss Alps give way to stunning scenes of the French countryside and the Beaujolais wine region. Medieval castles dot the river passage, and Roman ruins hint at the rich history of the region. As the Rhône approaches the sea, the alpine climate of the north changes to a Mediterranean paradise. Discover one of the most dynamic routes in Europe with a rail tour or river cruise highlighting the Rhône River.

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