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Alaska by Rail & Cruise Featuring Glacier Bay


Delve into the little-seen regions of Alaska on this all-encompassing adventure that includes a small-group cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage and time aboard the storied routes of the Alaska Railroad.

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About the tour

Kayak through remote inlets and channels where marine life and pristine scenes of the Alaskan wilderness abound. Set your sights on glaciers and snowy mountain ranges while cruising through Glacier Bay National Park. Ride the rails of the Alaska Railroad through stretches of land that are inaccessible by any other mode of transportation, and enjoy time in national parks that perfectly capture the wild beauty that only Alaska can offer. All this and more is brought to life on this 15-day journey between Sitka on the southeastern coast and Fairbanks deep in the interior. Begin with an intimate cruising experience that allows you to get in touch with each destination in ways that are just not possible for traditional cruises. Your ship, the Legacy, caters to an exclusive 86 guests. In addition to cruising with fellow travelers on the main ship, each stop brings the opportunity to get out and explore independently with a skiff boat, kayak or paddleboard. Stay in the water to soak in the marine delights, or head to the shore for on-land adventures, like outback hiking. After cruising for eight days, the ship arrives in Juneau, where you switch modes of transportation and fly to Anchorage. It is here that the land portion of the trip commences. Aboard the Coastal Classic and the Denali Star, discover destinations like Seward, Kenai Fjords National Park, Talkeetna, Denali National Park and Fairbanks. Whether exploring these destinations on a guided excursion or on your own, Alaska's heritage, culture and wondrous sights are yours to behold.



What’s included


Day 1 - Sitka/Ship Embarkation

As you arrive in Sitka, make your way to the harbor where adventure awaits aboard a luxurious cruise ship. The crew welcomes you aboard with a glass of champagne and leads you to your onboard accommodations. Once settled, make your way back up to the bow to watch the city fade into the distance as the ship sets sail. Stunning views abound, with scenes of mountains, forests and rugged coastline introducing you to the immense beauty of southeast Alaska. Dinner is served as the cruise gets underway this evening. Overnight ship.

  • Dinner
Day 2 - Krestof and Nakwasina Sound

The ship ventures north into the waters between Baranof Island and Kruzof Island this morning as you finish breakfast. Untamed inlets, curved shorelines and remote islands overtake the vistas, lending a truly wild feel to this scenic region. What better way to explore than down on the surface, in the water on your own accord, or walking along the craggy shores? As the ship anchors, choose your preferred method of transportation: kayak, paddleboard or skiff. The beauty of this small-group cruise is the options it allows. The day is yours to explore the islands and surrounding Krestof and Nakwasina Sounds however you see fit. Paddle gingerly through the water while watching sea otters frolic and curious sea lions poke their heads out of the water. Set out in search of whales; humpbacks, gray whales and orcas all call these waters home. Perhaps pull your boat or board up onto one of the shores for beachcombing. These rocky islands are ideal places to uncover all sorts of exciting finds. While there are no formal trails, natural pathways make the perfect place for guided hikes. Lunch is provided for your days of adventure, and dinner is served as you return to the ship this evening. Overnight ship. 

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 3 - Sergius Narrows/Neva Strait

Merely 300 feet from shore to shore, the Sergius Narrows is your playground today. The ship anchors in water that is in some places just 24 feet deep, and you are again presented with an array of options for how to spend your day. Venture to one of the shores by skiff boat to explore the wonders of Alaska's backcountry on foot. Dense evergreen groves give way to stunning water views as you walk along the shoreline, and further inland, and the woods provide a retreat from the modern world. Choosing to explore the water instead, keep a look out for the abundant marine life and sea birds and eagles flying overhead. Later, return to the ship to proceed through Sergius Narrows, toward Hoonah Sound and Neva Strait. The scenery unfolds bit by bit - the small islands, the distant mountains, the deep blue water - while shrouded in warm evening light. There is no better way to end the day. Overnight ship. 

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 4 - Chichagof Island/Peril Strait

Begin your day with breakfast with a view or yoga on the deck as the cruiseliner meanders past glacier-carved fjords and rugged shores of the Chichagof coast. Anchoring, the ship pauses in a prime location for a day of adventure. Set out once again by kayak, paddleboard or skiff to explore the surrounding sea and lands untouched by the hands of man. Walk amongst moss-draped trees, some of which are over 800 years old, and venture to sparkling tidal pools and through tall grasses. Being within the protected confines of Tongass National Park, Chichagof Island is a treasure trove awaiting discovery. Perhaps grab your camera and venture into the wilderness alongside a knowledgeable guide. In addition to flora and fauna, there is no shortage of wildlife to photograph; this region is home to one of the world's largest bear populations, as well as the world's largest population of bald eagles.

Anchor hoisted, the ship departs the calm waters later this afternoon bound for the Peril Strait, a 50-mile channel between Chichagof Island and Baranof Island that is known for its tumultuous currents. Forested cliffs and mountains frame the coast, and small islands dot the waterway. Paired with the birds overhead and the sea life below, the scenery is unbelievable as the vessel navigates through in pursuit of Salisbury Sound. Overnight ship. 

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 5 - Icy Strait

Dolphins and porpoises ride in the wake of the cruise liner; whales breach in the distance. Today's destination, the Icy Strait, is as remote as it is wild, as filled with marine life as it is bounding with natural grandeur. The ship ventures into these rough waters at the cusp of the Pacific Ocean, and the crew is delighted to point out the wildlife that so fills the sea and the skies. You are free to set out into the strait on your own terms aboard a skiff, kayak or paddleboard once the vessel anchors. Marvel at the scenery from the quiet comfort of your quaint watercraft, or head for the shoreline for land explorations. From the rocky shore, proceed into the swampy muskeg and deep into the forest for an authentic bushwhacking adventure. Back on the water, kelp laces the channels and tree-covered inlets offer an intimate look at wild Alaska. Return to the ship this evening for dinner and a night of relaxation as you near Glacier Bay National Park. Overnight ship.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 6 - Glacier Bay National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Biosphere Reserve, an incredible 3.3-million acre respite in Alaska's Inside Passage: Glacier Bay National Park lies ahead today. As the liner moseys through these hallowed waters, keep a look out for marbled murrelets, black guillemots and tiny puffins floating atop the water. Steller sea lions play, dive and call out to one another throughout the bay. One of the best places to see - and consequently smell - them is South Marble Island, a favorite haul-out in the area. Some of the males basking on the rocks here weigh as much as 2,000 pounds! Elsewhere on the shores, harems of female sea lions and large bulls can be spotted. Past the waterline, the land plays host to foraging bears, and mountain goats climb expertly atop steep cliffs. All of this and more is visible right from the deck where you sit. As the ship continues into the upper portion of the bay, the dark water transforms into a milky white as glacial silt comes to the surface. Several glaciers, including the Margerie and Grand Pacific, come into sight, and icebergs float nearby - sometimes topped with harbor seals. Look atop the shore for a glimpse at the Fairweather Mountains. Enjoy quick glimpses of brown bears and eagles. The cruise proceeds past Tidal Inlets, which we may explore further if time allows. This day is truly one for the books. Overnight ship.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 7 - Captain’s Choice

Your last day on the vessel is not set in stone; instead, the captain decides the best course to take, and you are left with a day that includes idyllic sights and memorable adventures. The route may take you through the Lynn Canal, surrounded by snowy mountains, or into the scenic Chatham Strait. Whichever location is chosen, the day is yours to explore by kayak, paddleboard or skiff. Dramatic vistas surround from every angle - the rocky shores, the incredible mountains. Whether you venture to one of the surrounding shores or leisurely paddle through the way, there is so much to soak in. Back on the ship, savor a Farewell Dinner surrounded by your new friends and the crew, and toast to an incredible journey. As you eat, enjoy a photo journal of the trip. A memorable ending to an idyllic expedition. Overnight ship.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 8 - Juneau/Ship Disembarkation and Flight to Anchorage

As the ship docks in Juneau this morning, venture to the local airport to board a flight bound for Anchorage. The flight takes you across the Gulf of Alaska and further west to the economic and social epicenter of the state. Upon transfer to your conveniently located hotel in downtown Anchorage, you have the remainder of the day to get acquainted with the city. The city has an incredible food scene that features an intriguing mixture of traditional Alaskan fare, modern cuisine, pizza, breweries and casual eats. For a dose of culture, the Dos Manos Gallery is a wonderful place to peruse native Alaskan artwork. Overnight Anchorage.

  • Breakfast
Day 9 - Coastal Classic from Anchorage to Seward

The Alaska Railroad is the guide today as you hug the coastline and traverse stunning remote landscapes in pursuit of Seward. Aboard the Coastal Classic, watch scenes of Turnagain Arm and the Kenai Peninsula unfold during the 4-hour train ride. Free-flowing waterfalls, expansive glaciers and endless seascapes are just some of the views that lie ahead. The train arrives in Seward, with views of Resurrection Bay framing the backdrop. Transfer to your hotel, and then the remainder of the day is at leisure. Seward features a charming Main Street lined with shops, historical buildings and eateries. The harbor, backed by Resurrection Bay, is also incredibly scenic. Overnight Seward.

Day 10 - Kenai Fjords National Park

A grand presentation of the waters, fjords and glaciers beckons on today's 6-hour cruising tour of Kenai Fjords National Park. Lush evergreen forests line the shores, and snow-capped mountains loom in the distance. The ship covers 100 miles round-trip and is narrated by a naturalist that shares interesting facts and presents points of interest. Watch as the ship navigates past Holgate and the Chiswell Islands. Keep your eyes peeled for the sea birds flying overhead and the marine life that surrounds in the chilly water. These protected waters are teeming with life from smaller creatures, such as sea otters and puffins, to massive humpback whales. Following the tour, return to Seward and board the Coastal Classic for return to Anchorage. The evening is yours to get another look at this bustling city's offerings. Overnight Anchorage.

  • Lunch
Day 11 - Denali Star from Anchorage to Talkeetna

Back on the iconic Alaska Railroad, enjoy yet another look at the remote landscapes of America's Last Frontier on the Denali Star. On this route, enjoy a trip deeper into the interior of Alaska to the quaint town of Talkeetna. First, travel along the Knik Arm en route to Wasilla, then follow the course of the Susitna River past deep forests and impressive mountainscapes the rest of the way to Talkeetna.

On arrival, switch modes of transportation, and enjoy a jet-boat tour of the waterways surrounding the city. This thrilling excursion offers a front-row seat to the natural grandeur and incredible wildlife of Alaska, all highlighted by a knowledgeable tour guide. As the tour proceeds, look out for beavers making their wooden homes and bald eagles soaring through the skies and nesting near the banks. Return to Talkeetna following the tour with the remainder of the evening to relax in your hotel room or explore the city's offerings. Overnight Talkeetna.

Day 12 - Talkeetna to Denali National Park

The journey continues today with travel from Talkeetna to the granddaddy of all Alaskan national parks, Denali. Mt. Denali's mighty peak breaks on the horizon as the park nears. On arrival, you have the day to begin your explorations independently. Perhaps take to one of the hiking trails to get an up-close look at the unparalleled landscapes. There is an abundance of wildlife to discover, including a sizable population of grizzly bears that call the park home, brown bears, wolves, moose, Dall sheep and caribou. Denali National Park is a photographer's dream, and there are stunning sights around every corner. Overnight Denali.

Day 13 - Denali National Park Tour/Denali Star from Denali to Fairbanks

Discover the intricacies of Denali National Park on this morning's comprehensive bus tour. With an expert naturalist leading the way, venture to some of the park's most popular spots, seek out wildlife and soak in sights that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. The tour features plenty of stops for photos and offers impeccable vistas of Mt. Denali. Each mile of the route brings another layer of history that our guide perfectly dictates.

As the tour concludes, make your way to the train station to board the Denali Star once more, this time with Fairbanks as the destination. The train leaves the station and traverses through Healy and Nenana before entering the flatter, subarctic landscape so typical in this part of Alaska. Look upon traditional communities and vast stretches of land where caribou roam freely. A true highlight of this 4-hour expedition comes as the Denali Star travels along the Nenana River Canyon with the Nenana River winding far below. Arrive in Fairbanks, the interior's largest city, this evening. Overnight Fairbanks.

Day 14 - Fairbanks

Steeped in Gold Rush history and brimming with indigenous culture, Fairbanks is a delight to discover. You are treated to an in-depth presentation of its many facets during today's guided tour of the city. Called the Golden Heart City, Fairbanks is home to beautifully preserved buildings that call to the city's mining past. Native art and incredible cultural artifacts are also presented as you navigate through the city. Following the land tour, continue the adventure with a Sternwheeler Riverboat Tour along the Chena River. This new vantage point offers another perspective on the city and its stunning surroundings while transporting riders back to a simpler time when riverboats were the premier method of travel on the interior's waterways.

Back on dry land, you have the rest of the day to peruse Fairbanks' sights and offerings independently. Perhaps venture into one of the numerous art galleries, and dive deeper into the contemporary or traditional art scenes. There are public art displays throughout the downtown area, including murals and sculptures, and many places where visitors can buy handcrafted jewelry or lovely traditional pieces. Breweries and restaurants abound, as do museums. If the timing is right, you may even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights when the sun goes down! There is no shortage of ways to fill your time in Fairbanks. Overnight Fairbanks.

Day 15 - Fairbanks

Recall the incredible scenery you experienced while cruising, on Alaska's iconic railway, and while discovering cities and national parks as your trip concludes this morning.

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