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Furka Railway

Our wonderful journey on the Furka Railway takes us over a preserved stretch of mountainous track through some of Switzerland's classically beautiful scenery to the pretty village of Oberwald. On their route through the Alps, the trains overcome a total height difference of 2,014ft.

Departing from Realp, the lovingly restored steam train begins to climb, taking the steep rack-and-pinion railway along the Furka Valley. The impressive views along this stretch include the superb Alpine panorama as well as the rushing waters of the Furkareuss River cascading down the lower slopes. Continuing its ascent, the Furka Railway runs through a series of tunnels and across a number of bridges - including the famous folding bridge at Steffenbach. This section is naturally very popular with rail enthusiasts. We then reach the station at Tiefenbach, where the train pauses to take on water. From here our journey continues through a series of meadows filled with brightly-coloured flowers, ascending all the while until we reach the summit of the line at Furka - 7,086ft above sea level. After this we pass through a tunnel to avoid the mountain pass' most exposed section, then emerge in the Valais canton and begin our descent. Before long the commanding Rhone Glacier comes into view, with its vast form looming in the near distance before we reach the line's terminus at Oberwald.

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