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The Royal Windsor Steam Express

Linking England's Capital City, London, with Windsor, this route showcases the area's calm landscapes and interesting features beautifully. Cross the Thames, look upon the Houses of Parliament, and relive the romance of a bygone era while traveling in pure comfort on the Royal Windsor Steam Express.

Aboard a fully restored, dual-engine train, passengers make a one-way trip through the city, out into the countryside, and back into cityscapes once more. The dark green livery makes the B1 Mayflower steam engine instantly recognizable as it chugs and whistles along its course to Windsor. One of only two of its kind remaining in the United Kingdom, this steam engine always heads the train when passengers are aboard. All guests disembark in Windsor, and the train reverses its course, this time using the diesel engine at the back to return to London. Exclusively offering one-way trips gives the staff enough time to make sure the carriages are in tip-top shape for each departure, of which there are three: the morning train at 8:00 a.m., the mid-morning train at 11:15 a.m., and the afternoon train at 2:05 p.m. Each journey lasts 80 minutes.

For their trip, guests may select the level of service that best fits their travel desires, whether that be a simple trip between destinations in a passenger seat or a memorable dining experience in an antique Pullman-style car.

Departing each Tuesday between May and September, the Royal Windsor Steam Express is a modern interpretation of old-world elegance. It recalls a time in which a train was more than a means to travel between destinations, and it brings to life an experience that lives on in the hearts of riders for years to come.

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