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Lucerne & The Magic of the Moselle and Rhine

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Experience Lucerne's delightful treasures before we cruise the peaceful Moselle River, explore historic towns & cities, and sail the enchanting Rhine Gorge

Travel among a group of like-minded travelers led by a professional tour manager
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About the tour

Join us as we explore the wonders of Lucerne in the Swiss Alps along with the stunning Moselle and Rhine rivers. Begin with a two-night stay in the charming atmosphere of Lucerne, then set sail on a luxurious seven-night cruise where each bend of the river reveals beauty, and each destination offers a new adventure.

Experience the awe-inspiring Swiss countryside through scenic railway journeys up the Rigi and Pilatus mountains before boarding the magnificent MS Amadeus Imperial. On this remarkable ship, indulge in comfort and join guided tours along the shores of two of Europe's most captivating rivers.

Explore historic towns like Trier, Cochem, and Bernkastel-Kues as we travel along both the Moselle and Rhine rivers, from the picturesque streets of Rüdesheim to the enchanting architecture of Cologne. Each stop promises a glimpse into Europe's rich culture and heritage.

Unforgettable Experiences

Idyllic Swiss scenery aboard mountain railways
Idyllic Swiss scenery aboard mountain railways
Journey through the heart of Switzerland's majestic alpine landscape aboard two legendary cog railways - the Rigi Railway, often hailed as the ‘Queen of the Mountains,’ and conquering the magnificent Pilatus railway, renowned as the steepest cogwheel railway in the world.
Enchanting Lucerne
Enchanting Lucerne
Spend two nights nestled against the pristine shores of Lake Lucerne in this Swiss city full of timeless charm and Alpine grandeur. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, Lucerne's medieval old town enchants with its cobblestone streets and historic landmarks like the iconic Chapel Bridge.
Renowned history in Trier
Renowned history in Trier
Discover Trier - a UNESCO World Heritage site, with ancient Roman ruins occupying the same street corner as classic Baroque architecture and brightly colored townhouses.
Fairytale Rüdesheim
Fairytale Rüdesheim
Explore this charming city and the famous Drosselgasse, a quaint narrow alleyway lined with traditional pubs and wine cellars. While here, choose between a fabulous wine tasting or visit the marvelous Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet.
Delightful Cochem
Delightful Cochem
Discover the well-preserved, historic charms of Cochem, surrounded by the sweeping curves of the Moselle River and verdant hills. Crowned by the Reichsburg Castle, its skyline reflects a timeless elegance and cobblestone streets wind through colorful timber-framed houses.
Drachenfelsbahn Cog Railway
Drachenfelsbahn Cog Railway
Reach the summit of the majestic Drachenfels on the exhilarating Drachenfelsbahn cog railway. A journey of unparalleled beauty, we wind gracefully up the verdant slopes as the majestic panorama of the Rhine Valley gradually unfolds.
Discover Bernkastel-Kues
Discover Bernkastel-Kues
Enjoy a sightseeing tour of the town’s medieval buildings, fantastic architecture, and serene ambience as you meander through the picturesque lanes adorned with half-timbered houses and centuries-old facades.

What’s included


Day 1 - To gorgeous Lucerne

Your vacation begins in Zurich today. From here, continue by rail to Lucerne where we check into our hotel in this city surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and beside the crystal-clear Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne).

Day 2 - The scenic Mount Rigi cog railway and Lucerne's charm

The Mount Rigi cog railway awaits us this morning after breakfast. Prepare for an enchanting journey through the Swiss Alps as we take our seats on Europe's first mountain railway. As we ascend, gaze out of the window as breathtaking vistas of the lake landscape unfold. Along the way, admire grazing cows, quaint traditional farms, and vibrant wildflower meadows. At the summit, embrace stunning panoramic views over Switzerland's majestic landscape of serene lakes, lush green valleys, and towering peaks.

Following the scenic descent down the mountain, the rest of the afternoon is at leisure to enjoy Lucerne. Make sure to wander across the historic Kapellbrücke, a quaint wooden bridge spanning the Reuss River that is lined with fascinating medieval paintings. In Glacier Garden, you will find the city's proud Lion Monument honoring Swiss Guards who fell during the French Revolution. Head to the bright atmosphere of the Old Town for even more history, beauty, and culture with local cafes and shops to enjoy.

Day 3 - Cruising Lake Lucerne, the wonderful Mount Pilatus cog railway, and boarding our magnificent ship in Basel

This morning, we experience our second fantastic mountain railway to the top of Mount Pilatus. Starting with a picturesque boat journey across Lake Lucerne to Alpnachstad, sit back and relax with a drink as we glide across the pristine lake passing verdant shores, framed by majestic peaks. From here, we board the steepest cogwheel railway in the world and begin our ascent. As we snake through lush meadows, dense forests, and rugged terrain, watch the landscape unveil panoramic views of Lucerne's serene lakes and towering peaks.

From the summit, stand in awe as we witness the jagged peaks of the Swiss Alps stretch to the horizon, decorated with glistening glaciers and verdant valleys below. The azure waters of Lake Lucerne shimmer below while, on a clear day, you can see the Bernese Oberland in the distance. We make our descent down the north side of the mountain by cable car. As we float down to the city of Kriens, bask in the tranquility of passing mountain scenery and the sound of cow bells from the idyllic meadows.

Back in Lucerne this afternoon, we journey by rail to Basel. Sit back and relax as picturesque views of the Swiss countryside, with lush green landscapes, rolling hills, and charming villages pass by. On arrival, our magnificent ship awaits us. As we settle into our home on the river, we're greeted with a welcome cocktail before our first dinner onboard.

Day 4 - Alsatian charm in Colmar and Strasbourg

After breakfast onboard, we head out on an excursion to Colmar or a sightseeing tour of Strasbourg. If you choose to experience Colmar, spend an idyllic morning in this picturesque Alsatian town, with its fairytale charm. Stroll through cobblestone streets lined with half-timbered houses and pretty flowers. Explore the historic Old Town's maze of narrow alleys, discover quaint cafes and local markets, and gaze at architectural landmarks like the Maison Pfister.

Returning to Strasbourg, take in the blend of French and German culture amidst picturesque cobblestone streets and enchanting canals at leisure. Wandering through its medieval alleys, marvel at the awe-inspiring architecture of the iconic Cathedral Notre Dame and explore the charming La Petite France district. Back onboard later this afternoon, we set sail on our first cruise toward the enchanting town of Rüdesheim.

Day 5 - Charming Rüdesheim and the magical Rhine Gorge

This morning, we sail into Rüdesheim, famous for its delicious white wine, especially the dry Riesling variety. Stepping ashore, we travel through steeped vineyards aboard a land train, arriving in the center of the renowned wine town. Here there's a choice of excursions, each promising a delightful insight into the town.

You could experience for yourself why the town is famous with a fantastic wine tasting, savoring the finest local varieties. Alternatively, you could visit Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet and discover Europe's largest collection of finely tuned mechanical instruments.

After your excursion, there's some time at leisure to explore the town's cobbled streets at your own pace and see the charming half-timbered houses, quaint shops, and enticing wine bars in the Drosselgasse alley. This afternoon, we begin sailing toward the Moselle River and experience the romantic Rhine Gorge.

This section of the Rhine is renowned for its spectacular views. We wind around bends surrounded by lush green vineyards, ancient castles, and picturesque towns. As we sail, we hear the fascinating story of the legendary Lorelei Rock which soars almost 500 feet out of the water. Arriving in Koblenz later this afternoon, we dock for the evening. There's time to explore before dinner and we recommend strolling the Deutsches Eck for amazing views of the surrounding beauty.

Day 6 - Lovely Cochem – the heart of the Moselle wine trade

Our morning is spent cruising through beautiful river scenery. Enjoy a refreshing drink as you step out onto the deck to witness the passing views as our ship continues its journey along the river. Sailing into the port of Cochem, the stunning Moselle Valley surrounds us with rolling hills, half-timbered houses and the majestic castle (the Reichsburg) perched on top of a hill. The town itself is a maze of slender alleys adorned with pastel-colored buildings, quaint boutiques and wine cellars.

Our guided tour today includes a visit to the Reichsburg in the Old Town. With a fantastic viewpoint from the castle's turrets, we admire the Moselle Valley's landscape of dreamy forests, wild meadows, and sprawling vineyards. After lunch onboard, you can explore Cochem at your own pace before dinner this evening. In the old quarter, you'll find well-preserved sections of the ancient town walls and a fascinating arts center in a former monastery.

Day 7 - Colorful Bernkastel-Kues

We enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Moselle Valley this morning as we continue our cruise. The charming town of Bernkastel-Kues unfolds as we moor here after lunch. The picturesque vineyards of the Valley climb up the hillsides, while half-timbered houses with blooming flowers add to the enchanting atmosphere. A sightseeing tour awaits us here.

Setting out with our knowledgeable guide, we visit the Old Town where the cobblestone streets are lined with traditional German buildings with half-timbered facades. We also experience the Market Square, a focal point of the town surrounded by colorful buildings. A highlight here is the St. Michael's Fountain, a Renaissance-style fountain adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures.

Following our afternoon of exploration, we reboard our ship for dinner and begin an overnight cruise downstream.

Day 8 - The ancient city of Trier or fairytale Luxembourg

Waking to views of historic Trier, you have a choice between two excursions this morning. The first option is to explore Germany's oldest city with a local guide. The ancient streets are known for their Roman ruins, medieval buildings, and Baroque churches and we delve into this impressive history on our tour. Visit the immense Porta Nigra which guards the entrance to the north of the city, St Peter's Cathedral with its intricate stone carvings and stained-glass windows, and the Church of Our Lady, all of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Alternatively, you could board the coach to the charming Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. One of the smallest countries in the world, immerse yourself in the local history and attractions. We spend our evening onboard enjoying dinner, sailing back upstream along the meandering Moselle toward Koblenz.

Day 9 - The wonderful Drachenfelsbahn and cultural Cologne

After a morning of relaxed cruising, we arrive in Königswinter where the Drachenfelsbahn railway awaits. This fabulous cog railway rises high into the forests, passing the fairytale Drachenfels castle - whose name translates as 'Dragon's Rock', inspiring many of the dragon-related legends still heard today. We experience wonderful views across the Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany as we climb higher.

Back onboard later this afternoon, we continue our cruise through beautiful scenery toward Cologne. As we approach the striking city after our Gala dinner, admire the fantastic cityscape of magnificent bridges that span the river and the imposing Cathedral.

Day 10 - Homeward bound

After breakfast, it's time to disembark and say goodbye to our lovely crew. We make our way to the railway station where we catch our train to London. Here, we say goodbye to new friends and fellow travelers before you make your way home with delightful memories of our cruise. From Lucerne's majestic peaks to Strasbourg's history and Rüdesheim's fairytale charm we immersed ourselves in fantastic culture. Cochem crowned the Moselle's beauty, while Bernkastel-Kues' quaint streets we a delight to discover. Exploring ancient Trier and the views aboard the Drachenfelsbahn will stay with us forever.

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