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Old-world romance and rich history run through the veins of one of the world’s most dynamic destinations, France. Here, food and wine are not merely sustenance, they are ways of life. Breathtaking cities are scattered amongst an even more inspiring landscape that includes mighty mountain ranges, rolling wine country, verdant countryside and miles upon miles of sandy coastline. Every inch of the country exudes culture and tradition that dates back centuries. 

Tour France by train to experience the magic of this country firsthand. A trip to Paris may include tourist attractions like the Louvre Museum, which features the Mona Lisa; Notre Dame Cathedral; the Arc de Triomphe; and the world-famous Eiffel Tower, where panoramic views of the city are provided from three different viewing platforms. As you explore, it is evident why this locale is nicknamed the City of Love, thanks to the enchanting atmosphere created by world-class food, twinkling lights and romantic districts brimming with historical buildings. Perhaps your train tour will take you to coastal Normandy or to Versailles to see its ornate palace, complete with its spectacular Hall of Mirrors. Visit the chateaus of the Loire Valley. Sample the fruits of the country in France’s beloved wine regions, including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and the Rhone Valley. Travel to the South of France to experience Avignon, Nice and the lavender fields of Provence. An itinerary that features the French Riviera is filled with stunning ocean views and time in charming seaside towns that capture the relaxed spirit of the country. Tour packages may also combine escorted train tours with a multi-night cruise on the Rhine, SeineDordogne Rivers or barge cruises to charming riverside towns.

Make France your sole destination or one of many stops on a multi-country adventure, utilizing Europe’s sleek trains to travel between countries like England, Switzerland, Holland and Italy.

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