b'Day 1 - Stockholm the worlds most northerly railroad lines, theenjoy a scenic drive from Hellesylt toArrive in Stockholm and meet your group andOfoten Railroad. Overnight Narvik. (B, D) Geiranger. Overnight Geiranger. (B)Tour Manager at your hotel. You have some freeDay 7 - Free day in Narvik Day 13 - Through the Fjords to Flmtime before tonights welcome dinner with theToday is free to explore Narvik on your own.We leave Geiranger by coach this morning and group. (D) You may wish to visit the local Red Cross Warcontinue our scenic voyage through Norways Day 2 - Stockholm Sightseeing Memorial Museum, which documents theincredible fjord country to Flm. Spectacular Enjoy a guided sightseeing tour of Stockholm.citys wartime occupation by German forces. views and rural serenity await as we reach Flm The remainder of the day is yours to explore.Overnight Narvik. (B)at the head of the Aurlandsfjord. Overnight Overnight Stockholm. (B) Day 8 - The Polar Express Flm. (B, D)Day 3 - Inland to stersund Today we travel to Fauske via coach, andDay 14 - The Flm Railroad Departing Stockholm, we head inland by InterCityupon arrival, we board our train to Verdal.A memorable excursion aboard the Flm train to stersund, nestled on the shore of LakeThis memorable journey takes us along theRailroad takes us up into the mountains along Storsjn. Overnight stersund. (B, D) incredible Nordland Railroad on the Polarone of the steepest rail lines in the world. We Express, arriving in Verdal this afternoonreach the end of the route at Myrdal and return Day 4 - The Inlandsbanan* & Lapland and continuing on to Stiklestad for the night.to Flm, where we board the express boat for We leave stersund and head north, travelingOvernight Stiklestad. (B, D) an afternoon journey along Norways longest towards the untamed wilderness of SwedishDays 9 & 10 - Stiklestad & Trondheim and deepest fjord, Sognefjord, ending the day in Lapland. Our journey on the Inlandsbanan intoBergen. Overnight Bergen. (B)the Land of the Midnight Sun. On arrival, weThis morning we enjoy a tour of Stiklestad, the visit the Inlandsbanan Museum before getting asite of King Olavs death in 1030 during one ofDay 15 - Bergen real taste of Lapland with a visit to a Sami villageNorways most famous and hard-fought battles.We are treated to a guided tour of Bergen and in Slagnas. Afterwards, we transfer to ArjeplogFollowing our tour, we enjoy lunch then travelenjoy a look at the towns most significant sites. for the evening. Overnight Arjeplog. (B, D) by coach to Trondheim. On Day 10, guided tourAfter our tour, we enjoy a seafood lunch with *Please note, departure before the end of June, and after Augustof Trondheim. Overnight Trondheim. (Day 9 - B,the remainder of the day at leisure. Overnight will travel by coach, rather than on the Inlandsbanan train. L, D; Day 10 - B) Bergen. (B, L)Day 5 - Crossing the Arctic Circle Day 11 - The Rauma RailroadDay 16 - The Bergen Railroad to OsloWe continue our adventure through the northA spectacular journey through the magnificentWe leave Bergen by train and embark on a as we travel by coach to Jokkmokk. Crossing thelandscapes of Norway aboard the 71-mile Raumamagnificent journey on Northern Europes Arctic Circle is a true milestone of this journeyRailroad lies ahead today. As we disembark thehighest railroad line, the Bergen Railroad, to and it is celebrated with a ceremony. Overnighttrain, a motorcoach takes us to Geiranger for aOslo. Enjoy time at leisure before rejoiningJokkmokk. (B, D) two-night stay. Overnight Geiranger. (B, D) the group for a Farewell Dinner. OvernightDay 6 - The Ofoten Railroad to Narvik Day 12 - Geirangerfjord Boat Cruise Oslo. (B, D)Take in Swedens breathtaking mountains,We are surrounded by the beautiful sceneryDay 17 - Tour Conclusiontraversing steep slopes and marveling at theof the spectacular Geirangerfjord as we cruiseYour Arctic adventure concludes aftersheer drops to the fjords below, aboard one ofthrough the serene, deep water. Afterwards,breakfast this morning. (B)For Vacations By Rails complete collection of vacations, visit www.vacationsbyrail.com or call 877-253-9891 117'