b'C A N A DA R A I LVAC AT I O N S1 ORIGINATION POINT 1 NIGHTS ON TRAIN BY RAIL 1 ORIGINATION POINT 1 NIGHTS IN HOTEL BY RAIL1 DESTINATION POINT 1 NIGHTS IN HOTEL BY MOTORCOACH 1 DESTINATION POINT 1 NIGHTS ON TRAINBC C A N A D AC A N A D A AB ON QCAB SK MBBC Jasper SK MB VIA Rails3 1 Vancouver Corridor4 4 ServiceVancouver 2 VIA Rails ON Montral1 Lake 2 Canadian 2Louise VIA RailsBan\x0f CanadianU S A Toronto 2U S AToronto 1Vacations By RailTrans Canada by Rail 2023 Vancouver to Montreal 2023& and the Rockies Trans Canada AdventureINDEPENDENTINDEPENDENT From: $3,550*From: $2,292 14 days | 12 meals10 days | 12 meals Depart: Vancouver; return: Toronto Depart: Vancouver; return: MontrealFrom Vancouver to Toronto, spend 14 days taking in the changes in theAll the pleasures of train travel join touring in three vibrant cities to Canadian landscape while traveling across Canada aboard VIA Railscreate a truly memorable Canadian vacation. Enjoy time in Vancouver, Canadian. Depart for Jasper after a day in Vancouver and enjoy a scenicToronto, and Montreal, with each destination presenting its own transfer to Lake Louise the following morning via Icefields Parkway.splendors. Between locales, views of Canadas ever-changing landscapes You also spend time sightseeing in Banff before continuing your trainintroduce you to the best of the country.journey to Toronto.HIGHLIGHTS: Rail travel on VIA Rail Canada | Vancouver city tour | HIGHLIGHTS: Overnight rail travel on VIA Rails Canadian | Admission toNiagara Falls excursion, including a cruise on The Hornblower |FlyOver Canada | Columbia Icefield, including a ride on the Ice ExplorerMontreal city tour| Glacier Skywalk | Guided tour of Banff National Park, including a ride on the Banff Gondola*Prices ares are per pe per pererson basedson based on double oc on double occupcupancy.ancy for travel in 2022.*Pric'