b'Your Agreement With Vacations By RailBy making a payment to VBR Tours, LLC dba Vacations By Rail (VBR, we, or Us) or participating in a trip that we arrange (the Tour), you agree to these terms and conditions.Thank you for selecting VBR as your tour operator for your trip. To ensure you understand the terms and conditions, please read the following.It is important that you understand these terms as they form a contract between you and VBR.1. DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT POLICY Supplier cancellation fees may be5. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS In the event you fail to notify VBR at A non-refundable deposit of $500 assessed in addition to the change/ Travel documents are sent to you orthe time of the reservation of anyper person is required to confirm acancel fees stated above. your Travel Agent approximately 14special needs or disabilities requiring reservation; itineraries including Other Vacation Cancellation Feesdays prior to your departure, providedspecial attention, VBR reserves Rocky Mountaineer require a Deposits and cancellation fees willyour reservation is paid in full. the right to cancel your booking or non-refundable deposit of $750 pervary on packages including the terminate your vacation in its sole person. Full payment is due 90 daysfollowing products, and will be 6. TRAVEL INSURANCE discretion, if your special needs or prior to travel. confirmed at the time of booking: We strongly recommend that youdisabilities are not suitable for the VBR will accept the following creditpurchase a travel protection plan vacation, pose a threat to the health cards: Visa, MasterCard, AmericanArctic Circle Explorer & Kantishna to cover all non-refundable trip and safety of other participants or Express, and Discover. You may wishAlaska Wildlife Adventure expenses, trip delay and interruptionVBR staff, or if you are not traveling to notify your bank when makingAurora Viewing at Bettles Lodge with return transportation and awith a companion who provides all the large payments to inform them of theHighlights of Kenai Fjords & Denalimedical evacuation policy. Travel assistance you require. VBR will not amount to be charged on your card.Backcountry Delights insurance is available through refund or cover any costs or expenses third-party travel insuranceincurred for cancellation, booking, Debit cards may also have a dailyOther vacations fully operated bycompanies, and limits vary by insureror termination of the vacation. limit; please contact your debit carda third party and privately ownedand policy purchased. InsuranceCancellation penalties as applicable to provider. trains may have varying depositwill cover most losses, but coverageyour vacation shall apply.Vacations By Rail will also acceptrequirements, cancellation fees andmay vary. No representation orNot all sightseeing stops/sites,checks. Check payments should beterms and conditions which will bedescription of the insurance madetransportation, hotels, lodges and made payable to Vacations By Railconfirmed at time of reservation orby our staff constitutes a bindingother components of your vacation and mailed to Vacations By Rail, 309are available in advance by callingassurance or promise about theare accessible for people with special W Washington Street, Suite 1100,Vacations By Rail at 877-253-9891. insurance.needs or are required to comply Chicago, IL 60606. (Note: There is aIn addition to the cancellation fees in7. SAFETY with the Americans With Disabilities $50 service charge for NSF checks.Section 2, if you are a no-show, youAct (ADA), and some locations and Money order or cashiers check iswill incur a cancellation fee equal toVacations By Rail will not have liabilitysightseeing activities require extensive preferred) 100% cancellation fee.If a flight, rail,regarding provision of medical care orstanding, sitting, climbing stairs, or Reservations made within 21 daysor other delay for any reason preventsthe adequacy of any care that may bewalkingsometimes on unpaved of departure require a credit card,you from joining the Tour on the Tourrendered. You agree that you will holdor cobblestone streets. VBR will not money order, or certified check. Westart date, you will be considered a VBR harmless regarding any provisionrefund or cover any cost or expense highly recommend that paymentsno-show, and we cannot provide a fullof medical care or the adequacy of anyincurred for any missed activities for any booking made within 21 daysor partial refund or credit toward acare rendered.due to a participants inability to fully of departure be sent Express Mail tofuture Tour, but you may join the TourNo weapons of any type are permittedparticipate with the group. The ADA the above address. Your reservationlate if you wish. Supplier cancellationon VBR vacations at any time.is only applicable within the United will not be confirmed until payment isfees may be assessed in addition toThis includes, but is not limited to,States, and facilities for disabled received.the change/cancel fees stated above.firearms, knives, mace, brass knuckles,individuals are limited outside its If any portion of your trip has beenand other weapons of any type. borders. Most transportation services, 2. CANCELLATION FEES paid with a voucher from either VBR orincluding the touring motorcoaches, Once confirmed, your deposit is non- a supplier, and a trip is cancelled, no8. TRAVELERS WHO NEED SPECIALare not equipped with wheelchair refundable. refund in cash will be returned in lieuASSISTANCE ON TOUR ramps. If you choose to cancel, we mustof the voucher. The voucher or FutureAt time of reservation, you must receive written notice of said Travel Credit (FTC) will be held by VBRreport to VBR any special needs while9. MEDICAL PROXYcancellation either via certified mail,until the original expiration date ofon tour. VBR will make reasonableIf you are unable to authorize overnight courier, or e-mail sent tothe FTC. attempts to accommodate specialyour own medical attention and rail specialist (with a confirmationneeds and disabilities, but is nottreatment, you authorize us or of receipt from us). The following3. CHANGE FEES responsible in the event it is unable toour subcontractors or agents to cancellation and supplier fees apply: Date changes to existing reservationsdo so nor responsible for any denialauthorize medical attention and following full payment are consideredof services by rail carriers, air carriers,treatment on your behalf. You agree 8961 days prior to departure: 25% ofa cancellation and rebooking. hotels, restaurants, or other to hold harmless and release us or the package price plus supplier fees Name changes are not permitted. independent suppliers. VBR doesthem from any liability for medical 6046 days prior to departure: 50% ofA name change is considered a not provide personal services (suchattention authorized by us or them the package price plus supplier fees cancellation and rebooking. as pushing a wheelchair, assistingon your behalf. We assume no liability with walking, moving or assemblingregarding provision of medical care or 45day of departure: 100% A fee of $50 per person plus any mobility equipment etc.) and VBRevacuation services. Any of our staff non-refundable supplier fees and price increases willdoes not provide individual assistanceor subcontractors who may provide 100% cancellation fee for no shows orbe charged for all other changes. Into a vacation participant for walking,or seek emergency medical care on if cancellation is made after travel issome cases, supplier fees may bedining, getting on and off coaches,your behalf may not have had formal scheduled to begin 100% of the services provided. trains, cruise ships, and other vehicles,medical or first aid training and are No refund for unused portions of 4. PRICE GUARANTEE or other personal needs. A qualifiedacting only as a Good Samaritan.and physically able companion should the trip. VBR recommends that you pay inaccompany travelers who need such full at the time of booking. Once fullassistance.payment is received, your purchase price is guaranteed.144 For Vacations By Rails complete collection of vacations, visit www.vacationsbyrail.com or call 877-253-9891'