b'Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat does trip insurance cover? How active will I be on my escorted Level 3: Natural Explorer Is it too late to purchase it? tour? You dont mind spending the day on your feet. A variety of third-party travel insurance optionsThe pace of an escorted tour and its level ofYou enjoy sightseeing that includes walking, are available through Vacations By Rail tophysical activity varies by the itinerary andstanding or stair climbing. Youre okay with protect your vacation investment. Traveltour type. While some tours are relaxed andlonger days that are more active, such as insurance policies and coverage vary. Forleisurely, others may require extensive multiple sightseeing stops, longer motorcoach general information about third-party travelwalking, climbing stairs and hills, stepping onjourneys and getting on and off ships and trains.insurance available through Vacations By Rail and off trains or motorcoaches, uneven terrain,Level 4: Keep it Going or to receive a quote, please call 877-253-9891and cobblestone streets. Many of our escortedLess sitting, more walking. You dont mind and a rail specialist will assist you. tours, regardless of activity level, travel inlonger days of physical activity and sightseeing When will I receive my final documents? higher altitudes, visit historic trains and sites,with some activities that go into the evening. as well as National Parks. To help guide you inSome rest periods are nice but only when Your final documents and tour materialsunderstanding the level of activity on a givennecessary.will arrive approximately 3 weeks prior totour, we included an activity meter for many departure. escorted tours in this brochure. A description ofLevel 5: On the Move Do I need a passport? each activity level follows. Should you have anyYoure nonstop and always on the go! Youd questions about activity levels to help you selectprefer the majority of your trip on your feetSome of Vacations By Rails itineraries require the tour that is best for you, please contact ano matter the location. Itineraries with this a passport. Please review your itineraryrail specialist at 877-253-9891. activity level may include low impact hikes, carefully. If you are traveling across U.S.lengthy walks, uneven terrain and possibly borders, you will need a valid passport. If youLevel 1: Relaxedsome soft adventure.need a passport or if you need to renew yourThe word leisurely is music to your ears, and passport, visit the U.S. State Departmentyou prefer not to break a sweat. Physical activityWhat should I pack for my trip? web site (http://travel.state.gov/) to downloadincludes boarding a train, walking around theCasual attire and comfortable shoes go a long the proper forms and instructions. Non-U.S. train and sightseeing from a motorcoach. way in ensuring your comfort both on and off residents may have additional visa requirements.Level 2: Light and Easythe train. For itineraries featuring overnight Please allow ample processing time. It isYou enjoy a perfect harmony between light andtrain accommodations, make sure your carry-on the travelers responsibility to have properno activity. Youre okay with some walking andbag includes pajamas, toiletries, a change of documents for border crossing. If you aredont mind strolls through cities or being onclothes and any other items you need handy unsure of the need for a passport, pleaseyour feet for a few hours, perhaps on uneven(eyeglasses, medication, etc.) as well as any contact a rail specialist. pavement or cobblestones. onboard entertainment you wish to bring (e.g. iPad or reading material). A waterproof jacket,umbrella and sunglasses are recommended as well. Your travel documents will advise if special attire is recommended (i.e. gala dinners on river cruises).'