b'E X P LO R E M O R E E A ST E R N1 ORIGINATION POINT 1 NIGHTS IN HOTEL BY RAIL 1 ORIGINATION POINT 1 DESTINATION POINT BY RAIL1 DESTINATION POINT VISIT BY MOTORCOACHC A N A D A C A N A D AON QB Qubec City 32 Qubec CityVIA Rails Corridor Service QC2 Montral VIA RailsOttawa 2 Corridor ServiceToronto 2 3 MontralNiagara FallsU S A U S AVacations By Rail Vacations By RailMaple Explorer 2023 Montral & Qubec City 2023INDEPENDENT by RailFrom: $2,272*INDEPENDENT 9 days | 3 meals From: $1,138 Depart: Tortonto; return: Qubec City 7 days From thundering Niagara Falls to the old-world charms of QubecDepart: Montral; return: Qubec CityCity, this 9-day tour is a story in the unique flavors of Canada. Begin inAn eclectic mixture of old and new welcomes you to Montral, the Canadas heartland with visits to Toronto and Ottawa, then venture tosecond-largest Canadian city and the place where this thrilling 7-day the countrys cultural capital, Montral, by train. The scenery changesvacation begins. Following Montral, travel alongside the St. Lawrence once more as VIA Rail takes you alongside the St. Lawrence to QubecRiver aboard VIA Rails Corridor Service to beautiful, historic Qubec City, City in French Canada. where European flair makes you forget you are even in Canada. The HIGHLIGHTS: Rail travel on VIA Rails Corridor Service | Niagara Fallsbest of these great cities awaits.excursion, including Niagara-on-the-Lake | Ottawa city tour | MontralHIGHLIGHTS: Rail travel on VIA Rails Corridor Service | Montral city city tour | Qubec City guided walking tour sightseeing tour | Qubec City sightseeing tour*Prices ares are per pe per pererson basedson based on double oc on double occupcupancy.ancy for travel in 2022.*Pric'