b'Day 1 -London to Strasbourg Day 6 - Strasbourg Day 10 - CologneWe meet in St Pancras International at ourOur vessel sails into the charming French cityArriving in Cologne this morning, we venture dedicated departure office before boardingof Strasbourg today. You have a choice of twoforth into this vibrant German city on a walking the Eurostar to Paris. Here we transfer to theexcursions: Your first option is a city tour oftour. Tonight is an opportunity to dress up in high-speed TGV service for Strasbourg where weStrasbourg, uncovering its charm and history.our finest as we enjoy a gala dinner with the spend one night. Overnight Strasbourg. (D) Your second choice sees you travel along thecaptain. Overnight ship. (B, L, D)Day 2 - Chur, Switzerland Schwarzwaldhochstrasse into the famous BlackDay 11 - Amsterdam & the Medemblik Forest, passing through stunning fairytale After breakfast at our hotel we continue ourpanoramas. Overnight ship. (B, L, D) Steam Trainjourney toward Chur, Switzerlands oldest town,We arrive in Amsterdam this morning, where we changing trains in Basel. Upon arrival at ourDay 7 - Speyer & Heidelberg have a choice of two excursions: the first is a city hotel, there is time to settle in before joiningWe arrive in Speyer this morning, where therestour of Amsterdam, one of the most popular the group for a welcome drink and dinner.free time to explore. Later in the afternoon, takeof all the European cities. The second option Overnight Chur. (B, D) an excursion to the delightful university townis an excursion to Hoorn where we board the Day 3 - The Glacier Express & Zermatt of Heidelberg where we are treated to a guidedsplendid Medemblik Steam Train and enjoy a trip tour. Overnight ship. (B, L, D) through enchanting Dutch scenery. Overnight Today, we board the magnificent Glaciership. (B, L, D)Express for a spectacular journey offeringDay 8 - Rdesheim & the Rhine Gorgeunparalleled views of the most awe-inspiringWe sail into the classic German town ofDay 12 - Return To Londonmountain ranges in the world. OvernightRdesheim am Rhein, where you can enjoyAfter a buffet breakfast, we disembark the ship Zermatt. (B, D) some free time before our ship departs forand here your cruise concludes. Make your Day 4 - Gornergrat Mountain Railroad Koblenz. This afternoon includes one of theway back to the railroad station with your Tour highlights of the tour as we pass throughManager to board your train back to London Today, we venture forth on the Gornergratthe glorious Rhine Gorge, a UNESCO WorldSt Pancras. A transfer to Schipol Airport is Mountain Railroad. This cog rail trip coversHeritage site. Our lunch includes a wonderfulalso available, should you wish to conclude in 1,469m in its ascent of the Gornergrat, arrivingthemed buffet with several local dishes. We sailAmsterdam. (B)at its summit where you can enjoy magicalthis evening into the enchanting city of Koblenz. views of the surrounding mountains. We returnOvernight ship. (B, L, D)later to Zermatt for a guided tour. Overnight Zermatt. (B) Day 9 - The Lower Rhine & the Day 5 - Cruise Embarkation DrachenfelsbahnAfter an evening in Koblenz, we depart and Today, we travel from Zermatt to Basel by rail,discover the marvelous Lower Rhine on a we board our luxury river cruise ship. Thisguided tour. In the afternoon, we dock in evening, we enjoy a welcome cocktail beforeKoenigswinter, where we embark on a journey a delicious Swiss themed first meal. Overnighton the Drachenfelsbahn. Overnight ship. (B, L, D)ship. (B, D)For Vacations By Rails complete collection of vacations, visit www.vacationsbyrail.com or call 877-253-9891 127'