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Steam Train Tours

Recall a bygone era of travel with steam train holidays. These vacation packages offer an enticing mix of modern and historical rail travel by combining excursions aboard thoughtfully restored heritage railways and long-distance trips on efficient contemporary lines. As you move between popular cities and charming towns, you will be fascinated by the trains themselves and the scenery through which they travel. 

The vast majority of trains around the globe have been converted to diesel or electric, making a trip aboard a steam train a truly memorable experience. A ride aboard the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad takes travelers into the heart of the San Juan Mountains on the longest narrow-gauge steam railroad in the United States. Traveling on the steam-powered Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad presents some of the most inspiring scenes in Colorado as the train travels between two historic mining towns through Animas River Canyon. The Essex Steam Train follows a route through rural New England, journeying through the heart of the Connecticut River Valley. The Summerville Steam Special showcases the lush mountains of Southern Tennessee and Northern Georgia, whereas the Tuckasegee Steam Train weaves through the Great Smoky Mountains along the Tuckasegee River. 

A steam vacation can even take travelers through the great countries of Europe and to more exotic locations like India and Australia. Explore the iconic sights of the Scottish Highlands aboard the Jacobite Steam Train or Germany’s Harz Mountains on the narrow-gauge Brocken Railroad. Watch beautiful Dutch scenery unfold aboard the Medemblik Steam Train. Marvel at the glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and vast meadows of Switzerland aboard the Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway and the Brienz Rothorn Railway. Uncover the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains on the ultra-narrow gauge Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and travel aboard Australia’s most beloved steam railway, the Puffing Billy Railway.

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2021 Jun Sep
8 days    $2,795


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2021 May Sep
8 days    $2,949


2020 Sep Oct
8 days    $2,499


2021 Jun Jul Aug Sep
8 days    $2,495


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9 days    $1,945


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2021 May Jun Jul Sep
11 days    $2,525


2020 Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
10 days    $2,105


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2021 Apr May Jun Jul Sep Oct
5 days    $995


2020 May Jun Aug Oct
2021 May Jun Jul Aug
11 days    $3,295


2020 Jul Sep Oct
2021 May Jul Sep Oct
13 days    $3,605


2020 Jun Jul Aug
2021 Jun Jul Aug
9 days    $1,885


2020 Sep Oct
2021 Sep Oct
10 days    $2,895




2020 Sep Oct
2021 Sep Oct
8 days    $2,495


2020 Oct
2021 Oct
9 days    $2,689


2020 Jun Aug Sep
7 days    $1,225


2020 Jun Jul Sep
2021 Apr May Jun Jul Sep
9 days    $2,695


2020 May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
6 days    $1,055


2020 Sep Oct
19 days    $5,015


2020 Oct
2021 Jan Feb Oct Nov
21 days    $7,795



2020 Oct
2021 Jan Oct Nov
39 days    $13,095