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Escorted Rail Tours in Europe

Explore the best of Europe, from its most prominent cities and brilliant architecture to its quaint medieval villages and historical sights, on European escorted tours by train. These vacations connect must-see destinations and exceptional sightseeing with travel aboard local, regional and high-speed trains, as well as by deluxe motorcoach. Traveling between countries on land offers the chance to fully immerse yourself in the unique culture and history that comes alongside each destination. 

Embark on escorted tours in Western Europe to experience places like Paris and the wine regions of France; the fairytale-perfect landscapes of Bavaria in Germany or the vibrant cities of the Iberian Peninsula. Guided tours of Italy often consider the gastronomic and cultural delights of the country. On vacation packages that highlight the United Kingdom, places like London, Bath, Yorkshire and Wales beckon. Venture north in the UK to explore the picturesque Scottish Highlands with train tours on iconic rail lines, including the luxurious Royal Scotsman, or cross the Irish Sea to discover Ireland, including its famous castles and emerald expanses.  

Join holidays that venture into Central Europe, and revel in the marvelous scenery that accompanies the Swiss and Austrian Alps. Continue to the far north to see the Northern Lights and dramatic fjords of the Land of the Midnight Sun. The Imperial cities of Vienna, Budapest and Prague are filled with colorful histories and stunning architecture. Travel to this region also presents the opportunity to join a famous rail line, such as the Golden Eagle Danube Express, or to combine your train vacation with a cruise on the Danube. Eastern Europe tours may also utilize Golden Eagle trains to explore Russia and Mongolia or to follow the legendary Silk Road. Ideal for seniors and for families alike, these group tours through Europe offer adventure at every turn. 

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