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Grand Canyon National Park

There are few North American sites as recognizable as the Grand Canyon. The largest canyon in the world, it has been long regarded as one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. From the famous, panoramic views of the South Rim to the less-traveled, ruggedly tranquil North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park offers the kind of scenery that early Spanish missionaries to the area could only describe as “profound.”

The Grand Canyon, however, is more than a mere landmark. Stretching across 277 miles, the park would be better defined as a region: one that deserves more thorough exploring than a photo-op. Ride the historic Grand Canyon Railway to the South Rim. Embark on a float trip down the formidable Colorado River. Descend into the canyon on the back of a mule: the sturdy, tried-and-true Grand Canyon tour. Visit the striking Desert View Watchtower, and watch the sunset color the ancient landscape. The scenery remains practically unchanged from when President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed “The Grand Canyon fills me with awe,” and declared it “the one great sight which every American should see.” 

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