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America's National Parks

America’s national parks were born of the idea to protect the country’s natural wonders for all to enjoy. The country’s first national park, Yellowstone, was established in 1872, and today, the United States is home to 58 national parks, each showcasing spectacular treasures. A visit to Yellowstone brings fumaroles, geysers, and sparkling lakes. At Yosemite in California, towering ancient trees paint a lush scene against stoic mountains. Arches National Park brings amazing sandstone arches and colorful rock formations, while Grand Canyon National Park offers breathtaking vistas of sweeping red canyon plunging deep into the earth. The tallest mountain in the United States, Mt. Denali, sits proudly amongst the vast landscape of Denali National Park. And this is just a sampling of the best national parks; each park brings its own splendor and vast expanses of land that are home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

For a unique vacation in the USA, visit one or more of these national parks by train. Some of the country’s most popular parks, such as Glacier National Park and Grand Canyon National Park, are situated along iconic rail routes that offer daily service to these must-see destinations. Other parks, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Teton, and Arches, are easily accessible by bus, car or motorcoach. 

Vacations By Rail offers nearly 50 vacation packages that highlight these fantastic destinations. Perfect for families, for seniors and for adventurers of all walks of life, national park vacations take many forms. Select from escorted tours that are guided by tour managers brimming with information about the railroads and parks that lie ahead, or embark on a rail-drive expedition that combines the romance of rail travel with a self-guided road trip. Select packages even include cruise segments that present protected lands and scenic waterways from a floating vantage point. 

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