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2020-05-29 11:11:34

These are unprecedented times. As we continue to monitor the situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19), our first thought is for the safety and well-being of all our travelers. While we navigate these uncharted waters, we continue to serve you and help you plan your next vacation as we look toward a brighter, more hopeful future of exploration. 


As we all adjust to the “new normal” of stay-at-home life, our team has put together some new content to keep you informed and inspire you to plan your next rail adventure. We’ll be sharing interesting articles, helpful lists and tips, and personal stories from our travelers to help you journey beyond your four walls. Since we can’t bring you out into the world, we’ll bring the world to you. Keep your eyes peeled for our new eNewsletter emails every month! 


So, where does this leave us?  

Travel may not be possible right now, but we know that when the world opens its gates once again, we’ll feel stronger and more eager to explore than ever. At Vacations By Rail, we are looking toward the future and working diligently with our travel partners to put together the most amazing trips and tours for your next adventure with us. 

It’s crucial that we not only support you as travelers, but that we as a community of travelers help to restore the hospitality and travel industry together when the dust settles. Our partners, operators, vendors, and guides will need us to come through for them in the same way we intend to support you on your anticipated journeys. 

We encourage you to continue exploring our new travel packages for fall of 2020 and throughout 2021. We're looking forward to traveling together soon. 


We promise to actively communicate with you about your upcoming trips if you’ve already made reservations with us. If you’re still searching for your ideal vacation, you can stay connected with us through our website, email, Instagram, Facebook, and our blog. We’ll be sharing great content, travel packages, and more, so don’t miss out. 


We want to express our deep appreciation and thanks to all our travelers for their patience, understanding and continued support. We believe every traveler should see the world and it’s during times like these when the true spirit of wanderlust is shown, even from within our homes. We know that over the coming months, we will continue to support each other as a community of travelers while we get through this unprecedented situation together. 


Your Vacations By Rail Team 

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