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VIA Rail's Ocean Train and Route in 8 Images

17 November 2020
Old Montreal early morning

1. Begin your Ocean vacation with the magic of Montreal. Meander along the Saint Lawrence River, and experience Old Montreal's charming nineteenth-century architecture for yourself. Enjoy a range of fresh, organic foods at the Public Markets. You can even shop and dine in the tunnels of the popular Underground City. Then, once you've had your sightseeing fix, board VIA Rail's Ocean train. Halifax awaits.

Via Rail Ocean Train

2. VIA Rail Canada's Ocean train winds along still waters and stunning Canadian sights on its 1,346-kilometer journey from Montreal to Halifax. Travel has never looked so tranquil.

Via Rail Ocean Exterior

3. Bright blue skies and vibrant natural scenery promise unforgettable views on VIA Rail's Ocean. As your train idles from Montreal to Halifax, bask in the Canadian countryside.

Relaxing On The Train

4. Lean back, open your book and take time for yourself en route from Montreal to Halifax. Relaxation reigns on VIA Rail's Ocean train.

Dining Car Ocean Train

5. Fine dining beckons on this rail adventure. Take your seat in the dining car, for all the ambiance of an elegant restaurant right on board the Ocean. Enjoy fine Canadian meals and wine, served by VIA Rail Canada waiters, as you watch the sun setting over the Canadian provinces.

Via Rail Ocean Interior

6. Experience the comfort of the Ocean's lounge cars for yourself. By day, nestle into your seat and take in the rural beauty lying just beyond your window. Looking for entertainment on board? Live music and wine tastings await Sleeper Plus class passengers.

Maritime Learning Experience

7. Blend picturesque views and fascinating history on VIA Rail's Ocean. Look to your train's staff for a dose of maritime history as you enjoy Canada's wide green fields and gorgeous waters. Arrive in Halifax with fun, new facts, and photos.

Halifax in The Fall

8. What better season to enjoy the sights and splendor of Nova Scotia than fall? VIA Rail's Ocean train takes you on a scenic journey from Montreal to Halifax, lasting one night and one day. Let the train's easy rhythm lull you into utter relaxation. Savor the autumn leaves and calm waters of rural Canada VIA Rail.