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Traveling in 2021

1 January 2021

Travel is woven into the fabric of our being. It expands our minds, our taste buds, our horizons. It is the greatest teacher: of art, science, history, and common sense. It introduces us to new cultures, new people, and makes our world a little smaller and a little more magnificent with each new experience.

There is no question we will travel again, post-pandemic. It may just look a little different once we're free to feed our wanderlust.

For instance,

  • We will be more socially responsible travelers, aware of our personal space and the social distance we are giving others.
  • Masks will be "de rigueur". Airlines and passenger trains, like Amtrak in the U.S. and VIA Rail in Canada, already require masks, setting the tone for what travel looks like in the immediate future.
  • Dining-whether on the train, in the breakfast room at a hotel, or in a restaurant-may have a smaller capacity and greater distance between tables and guests.
  • New hygiene standards and cleaning procedures will be introduced-in hotels, on planes and trains, and throughout sightseeing activities and excursions.
  • There may be visitor quotas1 or required self-quarantine measures as some states, such as Alaska and Hawaii, have already implemented.
  • Domestic travel may be more comfortable as travel begins to bounce back-if only because of fewer restrictions.2
  • Destinations, transportation, and tour operators are working tirelessly to set those standards. And they will come. As we allow ourselves the confidence to plan our future travel, we find peace of mind to plan and find inspiration in the cities and experiences waiting to welcome us.


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