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What to Expect on Your Next Locally-Hosted Vacation

Learn about the benefits of a locally-hosted vacation and get insights about how a local host can enhance your vacation experience.

Locally-hosted rail vacations combine the best elements of two popular vacations styles. A hybrid of independent and escorted travel, locally-hosted vacations offer the freedom of independent travel as you follow a well-planned itinerary at your own pace with the advantage of a local host at your service.

Local hosts are residents of the city in which you’re traveling, and can offer insightful suggestions on things to see and do that best match your tastes and budget. Ask your local host for dining suggestions, where to do the best shopping, where to get the most memorable photos, and recommendations of must-see sites a bit off the beaten path. They’re also available to assist with your transfers and are integral in making your experiences in their city as rewarding as possible.

The best way to understand the value of a local host is to hear from them firsthand. We caught up with Bernd Lucht, a local host in Berlin, to learn about locally-hosted vacations and get some insider tips.

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