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Train and River Boat Cruise

Europe is a nation that benefits from vast rail lines and long, winding rivers through multiple countries. Take advantage of both networks and enjoy the stunning architecture and gorgeous landscapes that frame the way on rail and sail vacations. These tours may begin with travel aboard Europe’s efficient high-speed railway system, which connects major cities and smaller metropolises. Your train vacation is filled with delights, including sightseeing at breathtaking landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower or Neuschwanstein Castle. Select itineraries also feature travel aboard Europe’s scenic rail lines, including the Glacier Express in Switzerland. The best thing about these combination tours is that the excitement does not end when your train arrives at its last station; instead, the journey presses on via European rivers and scenic waterways, creating a vacation to remember. 

As the rail portion of your tour concludes, discover destinations all throughout Europe on the best river cruises. Voyage through southern France, exploring the lavender fields and vineyards that sit alongside the Dordogne and Rhone Rivers. Set out on a German riverboat cruise on the romantic Rhine river, which flows through the countryside of Belgium, Germany and Switzerland and features stunning castles along the banks. Relax on a canal cruise through the charming web of canals in Luxembourg or Amsterdam. Venture to the imperial cities of Europe on the Danube, or get in the festive spirit with a Christmas cruise through Europe’s Christmas markets. For a luxury experience, there is no better option than a five-star cruise along the Douro.

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