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Experience Europe the Rail Way

8 January 2020

Think back 100 years; traveling the world was a much different process. Getting from Point A to Point B took a great deal of time, yet the act of traveling was luxurious and a true experience. In modern times, going on a vacation is much more about the final destination and less about the trip to get there. But it doesn't have to be this way. When traveling through a country - especially one as vast and historic as Europe - there is so much to see along the route. One of the best ways to experience all the wonder Europe has to offer is by train. Sure, this mode of transportation is not as quick as an airplane or as private as a car, but the benefits of train travel prove that travelers of years past had the right idea: It is all about the journey.


Take much of the unneeded stress and guess work out of your vacation by choosing the rails to get through Europe. Making the choice to transverse the countries by train means no worries of planning routes, remembering to drive on the opposite side of the road, crazy traffic or learning to read foreign road signage. And that is just driving. Those that choose to fly from country to country have to deal with lengthy security checks and packed airports. When traveling by train, it is simple: check in and board your train, then just sit back and enjoy the ride as you're transported from city center to city center.


Taking a journey through Europe does not have to clean out your savings account. The average cost for train tickets is significantly less than the average cost for airfare for the same route. While car travel seems like it may be a worthy option, when you factor in gas, car rental and insurance, the cost often exceeds that of train travel.

Sightseeing Opportunities

It is nearly impossible to soak in the beauty of the rolling hills in the countryside; the detailed, centuries-old buildings of the cities and the quaint villages that dot the landscape when your eyes are glued to the road navigating your way through Europe. Aboard a train, your eyes are free to wander. Best of all, train routes often course through less populated areas offering travelers an insider's look at the storybook villages and wild countryside in regions tucked off the beaten path.

Creature Comforts

Train travel means you do not have to give up the things you take pleasure in to traverse the country. Many times, Internet and power outlets are available onboard the train, which means things like laptops, cell phones and portable gaming devices are available for your entertainment. Want to stretch your legs? No problem. Explore the train's multiple cars. Many include a snack or dining car, so you are free to move about to your heart's content. Alternately, consider bringing your favorite snacks and drinks aboard the train for a picnic on the rails.

Traveling through Europe is a dream of many, and doing so by train allows you to make the very most of your vacation.