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Genevas Hidden Gems

1 August 2019

Switzerland's second largest city is known as the center of world banking and commerce, and is home to several international organizations. Thus, it brings many visitors each year, in town for both business and pleasure. There are plenty of famous sights to see, but on your next trip to Geneva seek out these hidden gems for views, memories, and souvenirs you'll never forget. 


On the banks of the Rhône and bordered by French territory on three sides, Geneva is much more French than the rest of the country. For even more of a French feel head to Carouge, a charming village within the city. The colorful streets are lined with shops and restaurants, perfect for window shopping and stopping every now and then for a coffee or glass of wine. Café du Marché is known for its fabulous wine selection, and Restaurant au Vieux serves some of the best fondue around.

Quai du Mont Blanc

This beautiful walk along the lake takes you past flowers, outdoor art exhibitions, and historical statues, all while offering fantastic views of Mont Blanc. Along the promenade you can stop at the Jardin Botanique, the Parc de l'Ariana, the Parc de la Perle du Lac (full of ancient Roman baths), and the Bains des Pâquis. Plenty of options for resting and enjoying the view.

Le Bateau Ivre

When in Switzerland, you'll want to eat like a local, but determining which restaurants are legitimate can be difficult. Le Bateau Ivre is the real deal, as anyone from Geneva can tell you. It steers toward the French side, with wonderful, creamy fondues, fish fresh from Lake Geneva, and comforting potatoes baked with cheese and cream.

Flea Market of Plainpalais

Markets are often the best place to see the local side of a city, and Geneva's Plainpalais market is no different. From bargain books to designer jewelry, you're sure to stumble upon a treasure here. Clothing, furniture, antiques, accessories, and anything else you desire can be found here. The market is held the first Sunday of every month, and is a must-stop if you're visiting Geneva on one of these dates.