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Top 10 European Rail Trips Every Traveler Should Take

The best way to travel in Europe is by rail, here are the top 10 European rail trips every traveler should experience.

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Ride Switzerland’s first train route.  The perfect excursion from Zurich.

Switzerland’s first train route, which went 16 kilometers from ​Zu​rich to ​Bad​en, opened in 1847.

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Oberammergau Passion Play 2020: Continuing the Tradition

A small Bavarian village renowned for its woodworking craftsmen, Oberammergau is unassuming and a quintessentially German locale.

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5 Tips for the First-Time Swiss Train Traveler (Part I)

Follow this quick guide so your journey aboard the Swiss rails will meet any expectations.

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Unique Winter Rail Vacations

Winter is a season full of opportunity brimming with exciting seasonal activities and fantastic natural phenomena.

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Switzerland’s Iconic Railways

Switzerland is known for many things but one of the most treasured parts of this magical country are its famous railways.

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25 Must Take Train Trips

Some of the best destinations all across the world also offer some of the most scenic train routes. The trips can be just a few hours long or can even last for days, but the experience lasts a lifetime.

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Top Rail Journeys

The Rail Insider discusses 5 Top Rail Journeys, the Coast Starlight, the California Zephyr and the Adirondack in the United States, the Canadian in Canada and the Bernina Express in Switzerland.

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VIA Rail’s Canadian service between Vancouver & Toronto

Rail Insider Episode VII introduces listeners to VIA Rail’s famous Canadian service between Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto Ontario. In this episode, the Rail Insider speaks with Ali Macaraeg of VIA Rail Canada about The Canadian’s 4 day/3night Trans-Canadian adventure, which has been designated by National Geographic as one of the great journeys of the World. Listeners will learn about The Canadian route, on board services, dome cars and sleeping accommodations. Maps and itineraries that include the Canadian, such as Canada by Rail and The Canadian, can be viewed at

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Experience Europe the Rail Way

Think back 100 years; traveling the world was a much different process. Getting from Point A to Point B took a great deal of time, yet the act of traveling was luxurious and a true experience. The benefits of train travel prove that travelers of years past has the right idea: It is all about the journey.

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