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Go with the Flow: 5 Advantages of Rail & River Cruise Vacations

13 September 2019

River cruising is a totally revolutionary way to experience the world's most sought-after destinations. The Rhône, the Danube, the Mississippi: when coupled with travel on their neighboring railways, these great waterways open the door to new cultures and unforgettable adventures.

1. All leisure, no hassle

Skip the lugging of suitcases from hotel to hotel. On a rail-river cruise vacation, your hotel travels with you. From the moment you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow you'll be totally immersed in your vacation. Distractions like early check-outs and transfers to your next destination are non-existent.

Amadeus Provence Infinity Pool

2. Set the perfect pace

Rail travel and river cruises are both highly efficient yet supremely relaxing way to experience the highlights of a region, be it the Rhone Valley or the American South. Moving with the river's constant, peaceful flow will put you right at ease. Each day brings the opportunity for adventures in new cities and time to kick back and relax onboard. To replicate the gentle, scenic river cruise experience on land, choose rail travel over more conventional transportation options. From the seat of a train, you'll see landscapes in a fresh new light, all while maintaining a leisurely pace.

Amadeus Queen

3. Scenery at every turn

Unlike ocean cruising or air travel, both rail travel and river cruising allow you to get intimately acquainted with the landscape of a region. You'll be greeted with green forests, cliff-top castles, and tiny hamlets nestled along the shore as well as historic cities filled with interesting architecture, art, and entertainment just waiting to be explored.

Amadeus Diamond Seine

4. See both world-class cities and quaint historic villages

On a vacation like Gems of the Danube, you'll experience the timeless cities of Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, but the vacation doesn't end there. This river cruise takes you off the beaten path to the picturesque towns of Melk and Dürnstein. This mix of history, storybook towns and cosmopolitan cities is a hallmark of many rail-river cruise itineraries.


5. The world is your oyster

Take a steamboat down the Mississippi, sail Québec's St. Lawrence Seaway, or cruise past the domed cathedrals of St. Petersburg and Moscow. No matter where your curiosity leads you, a rail-river cruise vacation can take you to the best locations on each continent.

American Queen Steamboat